Best Cold Pressed Juicers In India

Craving for a cool glass of nutrient-filled goodness without the added sugar? Then get up, get going and gift yourself and your kids the goodness of health, with a brand new cold pressed juicer!

By Ashwin Dewan  • 13 min read

Best Cold Pressed Juicers In India

Hot and thirsty? Grab a mug – jug-a-lug juice from a cold pressed juicer. This might sound like a bad jingle for juice, but listen up – if your kids are hankering for fresh juices and you keep wondering if they are just drinking coloured sugar water – a cold pressed juicer is just what you need!

A cold pressed juicer due to its unique way of crushing the fruit or veggie retains the nutritional value – making it truly goodness in a sippy cup!

All mommies (and the papas) want to give nutrition-packed fresh food and drink for their bambinos. And what better way to sneak in those essential vitamins, fibre and minerals than with a fresh juice?

But most times, there is a major nutrient loss of fruits and veggies when they go into the mixer. Which is why many paediatricians and nutrition experts advice you to simply eat fresh fruit and vegetables rather than juice them. But we all know that’s easier said than done with kids.

So juice still remains a great option to pack in that nutrition, provided you do it right. And the right way to do it is with a cold pressed juicer. Also known as slow juicers, this type or juicer is ideal for individuals who want to produce the most healthy and nutrient-dense juice.

What is a cold pressed juicer?

As any nutrition enthusiast will tell you, these juicers follow a process whereby they first crush and then press fruits and vegetables to ensure the highest juice yield. An important feature of a cold pressed juicer is that they don’t produce as much heat as a mixie, which means it preserves more of the nutrients of fresh fruits and veggies.

To further explain, cold pressed juice is made with a hydraulic press that uses heavy pressure to extract the maximum amount of juice from fruits and vegetables, making it ideal for health. Since no additional heat or oxygen is utilised during the process, no nutrients are lost.

But before you rush off to buy this kitchen wonder, read on to get a better idea of what to look for in a juicer and check out our list of the best cold pressed juicers in town!

Your handy dandy cold pressed juicer checklist: 

  1. The nutrition retaining quality: One of the main selling points of a cold pressed juicer is its ability to retain more nutrients as compared to a normal juicer. Some cold pressed juicers may retain more nutrients. Get all the details and compare properly.
  2. The versatility of the juicer: A cold pressed juicer should be versatile to use, that is, you should be able to use it for both fruits and vegetables.
  3. The pulp collection system: Most cold pressed juicers use a two-stage juice extracting process whereby the bits and pieces of fruits and vegetables are crushed. The juicer squeezes the pulp as it passes through the shaft (a long, narrow part or section forming the handle of a tool or club) of the juicer.
  4. Size, speed and time taken to extract juice: While there is nothing like a fresh homemade glass of juice, cold pressed juicers take more time than your regular blenders. Most cold pressed juicers have a low speed of around 40 to 80 rpm (revolutions per minute). This means the juice extraction process may become long but the end result is high quality juice. Get all the details on speed and the time involved, so that you don’t have your kids hanging on to your salwar kameez (asking you every minute – is it done yet?) while you blend the juice.
  5. Durability of the juicer: Check and choose a cold pressed juicer that is made of sturdy material. Examine whether the material used is of high quality or not – plastic or metal? If plastic, then what kind of plastic, and so forth. 
  6. Storage and maintenance of juicer: It should be easy to assemble and dissemble a juicer if required to store away. Also, make sure it is easy to clean, maintain and use. 

Here is a healthy 'Green Monster' juice recipe for you to try  your kids will love it!

  • 2 cups spinach: Washed and cleaned
  • 2 medium carrots: Peeled and cut into long strips
  • 2 cups pineapple chunks: 1/2 pineapple

Grind all the ingredients and let it fall into the press bag. This bag acts like the filter. It will collect the skin, seeds and any pulp. The press will slowly ‘press’ or apply pressure to extract the juice. Serve immediately or store in the fridge for two days.

One serving of this green monster juice, contains more than the recommended daily value of vitamin A and vitamin C. It also packs in folate, iron, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and potassium.The best part is the carrot, apple and pineapple content makes it sweet – and it’s a great way to sneak in the iron as well. 

Best Cold Pressed Juicers In India

The top 5 top cold pressed juicers:

Note: Please keep in mind that prices may change as per availability and certain sale days.

1. Philips Viva collection HR1863/20 2-litre juicer (Black/Silver)

Product description:

  • This juicer is powered by a strong 700w motor that ensures that the process of blending, mixing and crushing goes smooth.
  • The juicer enables users to check the pulp easily with the see-through lid and pulp container. It is designed with round shapes and smooth surface that facilitates easy washing and cleaning. The pulp is collected only at the pulp container, which means there is no need to remove pulp from other parts such as the lid.
  • Easy and quick to clean, transparent lid and container, powerful motor and no pre-cutting required.
  • Large families may find the 1.5 litre capacity not enough.
Sandeep K, a buyer on Amazon says, “This juicer is the solution to all your juicer needs. From fruits to even leafy vegetables it extracts all the juices. Also, it meets the needs of my family every day as far as nutrition goes.”

Buy it from Amazon for Rs 7240.

2. Kuvings professional cold press whole slow juicer (B1700) (Dark Silver)

Product description:

The Kuvings juicer comes equipped with a copper wound brushless 240w motor. This ensures all ingredients are gently squeezed at a slow but steady pace to ensure greater extraction of nutrients.

This juicer packs in power and durability in a slim body. The safety lock system installed ensures juicer starts only after it has been assembled properly. The patented smart cap avoids spillage of juice while the cleaning tool makes it easy to clean the strainers.

Easy to clean, safety lock system, silent motor system, ergonomic and attractive

Price may be on the steep side for many consumers

Manvin S on Amazon says, “This is a good deal. It is an excellent juicer, easy to clean and worth the price. It extracts the juice from the pulp till the last drop.”

Buy it from Amazon for Rs 16,900.

3. Hestia nutri-max cold pressed juicer (Wine Red)

Product description:

  • The Hestia Juicer comes equipped with a 240w ac induction motor with extreme torque for easy squeezing of frozen fruits. The motor is 100 per cent pure copper wired and weighs 4.163 kilograms.
  • All plastic parts of the Hestia nutri-max cold pressed juicer are 100 per cent BPA free and of superior quality. It only takes about a minute to clean the juicer and pour water to run the unit. The patented large knobs squeeze the last drops of juice ensuring nothing is wasted.
  • Bigger auger and 60 rpm allows for maximum juice extraction, more juice than centrifugal juicers, easy to set up.
  • Parts are made of plastic, slightly difficult to clean, requires pre-cutting for certain items.
Hiren Bavishi on Amazon says, “This juicer is great for almost all types of fruits and vegetables. Very easy to use and power consumption is also low. The low level of the operational noise is a great feature.”

Buy it from Amazon for Rs 15,900.

4. Philips viva collection HR 1832/00 1/5 litre 500-watt juicer (Ink Black)

Product description:

  • The Philips viva collection HR 1832/00 1/5 litre 500-watt juicer (Ink Black) runs on a 500w power.
  • Features such as direct serve, QuickClean sieve and see-through pulp container makes this juicer easy to use. The non-slip feet, safety clamps and integrated cord storage makes for a no-hassle juice extracting operation.
  • One optimised speed for all fruits so there is no need to adjust levels. Drip stop, compact design, QuickClean technology, smooth and easy to clean.
  • Material is made of ABS plastic, de-seeding needs to be done manually and small size of pulp container.
Anindita in an Amazon review says, “The Philips viva collection HR 1832/00 1/5 litre 500-watt juicer is one product that is worth the price. Easy to assemble, the juice is extracted quite efficiently, and pulp is quite dry. However, the cable size could have been a little longer”

Buy it from Amazon for Rs 5263.

5. Panasonic MJ-L500 150-watt cold press slow juicer (Silver)

Product description:

  • Panasonic MJ-L500 comes with a 150w power with a speed of 45 rpm.
  • This juicer produces more juice while the slow compression system generates less foam and resists juice discolouration from oxidation for a longer-lasting flavour. It can be easily rinsed by simply running clean water through the juicer’s anti-drip cap.
  • Simple to use and clean, low speed squeezing auger, well-built screw and strainer.
  • Spare parts not easily available, questionable build quality.
“It is a nice cold press juicer to make vegetables and fruit juices. Easy to clean with a good performance, it is a must-buy for your home,” says Suhas on Amazon.

Buy it from Amazon for Rs 14,499.

Cold pressed juices have a short shelf life compared to other juices. Due to zero-heat extraction, cold pressed juices preserve nutrients for up to three days so it needs to be consumed quickly and cannot be stored for long.

This form of juice is a great way to boost your and your child's health. What's more, children love to drink juice of most fruits and some vegetables. A wonderful way to make juice that is tasty as well as healthy.

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About the author: 

Written by Ashwin Dewan on August 27 2019.

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