Best Children’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Kids in 2020

Make Children’s Day 2020 a special occasion for your child with these cool and customised Children’s Day gift ideas.

By Leena Ghosh  • 12 min read

Best Children’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Kids in 2020

Children’s Day 2020 is going to be different for your child — no announcement of Children’s Day wishes at the end of the school assembly, no decorating the classroom, and no activities to do with classmates. The very thought of missing all the action at school can make your child feel gloomy. But, you can cheer him up with the best Children’s Day gift he can ever get. To help you increase the fun quotient of Children’s Day 2020, here are some thoughtful Children’s Day gift ideas. Go ahead and choose one (or even more) from the list of ‘Our Picks’ below!

Children’s Day Gift ideas for preschoolers

Activity set

The best thing about an activity kit is that your preschooler can begin playing with it as soon as she gets it. From arts and crafts items and jigsaw puzzles to memory and spelling games, there’s a long list to choose from, depending on your child’s interest. You can also make one on your own. Nothing like a handmade gift on Children’s Day!

Why it’s a good Children's Day gift idea: Activity sets for preschoolers test your child’s cognitive and motor skills, and are a lot of fun to boot. They ensure playtime is engaging as well as educational.

Board games

From Snakes and Ladders and Ludo to Chinese Checkers and Dominoes, kids of all ages love board games. And, you have the option to choose from an endless variety of educational and skill-based board games as well.

Why it’s a good Children's Day gift idea: Whether it’s teaching colours and numbers or letters of the alphabet and phonics, board games are fun teaching tools. Choose a board game for your little one and get ready to have some fun together.

Themed puzzles

While coming up with Children’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers, how could we forget good old puzzles? From Disney characters to wildlife, select a puzzle based on your child’s favourite character and interests. The number of pieces in the puzzle set would depend on his age.

Why it’s a good Children's Day gift idea: Does your child like animals and birds or is she more interested in the stars? This Children’s Day, choose a themed puzzle to enhance your child’s learning, fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills. 

Karaoke hour

Children’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers wouldn’t be complete without quality bonding time with your little one. Go the Karaoke way and sing aloud with your child in sync with music.

Why it’s a good Children's Day gift idea: Every child loves to sing. This Children’s Day, you and your child can have a special nursery rhymes karaoke hour where you can belt out the hits together. Bring out the ‘sock puppets’ as well to add some ‘character’ to the performances. 

Themed doodle and sticker book

All you need to make this gift is some crayons, stickers and a drawing book. If you want to make it memorable, stick a picture of your child or even the entire family on the front page and mention the date.  

Why it’s a good Children's Day gift idea: One great DIY Children’s Day gift idea is to make a doodle and sticker book. You can base it on any theme your little one likes and decorate a special Children’s Day scrapbook along with her. Bring out the crayons and glue sticks, and have a lot of fun doodling together. 

Children’s Day gift ideas for primary school children

Piggy bank

Today, you can get piggy banks in various shapes and colours. From simple wooden boxes to Hello Kitty or Spider Man collection kits, choose the one you are sure your child will treasure for a long time.

Why it can be one of the best Children's Day gifts: Inculcate the habit of saving in your child by giving her a piggy bank this Children’s Day. You can choose a piggy bank based on her favourite cartoon character or get the more traditional ‘pig’. Start it off with a little investment from your side and encourage her to save some of her pocket money every month. The next time she wants a new toy or a pair of shoes, tell her that she can get it from her ‘own savings’!

Love jars

For some gifts, it’s the thought and the emotion that counts. This ‘love jar’ is the ideal way to express it. Get a simple glass or plastic jar with a lid on it. You can decorate the jar any way you want to make it look special. And, it’ll make for a great Children's Day handmade gift idea.

Why it can be one of the best Children's Day gifts: With the lockdown turning the world upside down this year, this will be an ideal handmade gift for Children’s Day. Get an empty jam jar and decorate it. Write a note of love or encouragement for your child and drop it in the box. Keep filling this ‘love jar’ with positivity; so, that any time your child feels a little low or upset, he can pick up a note and feel encouraged to look at the brighter side of life.

‘I Owe You’ Book

Get a simple voucher book and customise it with fun redeemable activities that you and your child can do together.

Why it can be one of the best Children's Day gifts: Being cooped up at home for months could be unnerving for both you and your child. This gift is sure to bring a smile on your faces and make your child look forward to some fun times with you. Be it a ‘movie night’, a ‘dance marathon’ or just ‘an extra cuddle’, she can redeem a voucher from the ‘I Owe You’ book whenever she wants to, and make sure that you live up to your promise every time.

Rangoli set

You can buy different rangoli tools and colours online or from a nearby gift shop. Try and get as many colours as possible to help boost your child’s creativity.

Why it can be one of the best Children's Day gifts: If your child likes art, this is definitely one way for him to express himself. Moreover, it’s an activity both of you can do together. Do not always wait for an occasion or festival to do a rangoli though. After all, art and inspiration don’t need an occasion to be celebrated.

Gardening tools

Very few would consider this option; but gardening tools can make a great gift. Nowadays, you can easily get gardening tools for kids online. Make sure they’re colourful as well.

Why it can be one of the best Children's Day gifts: Does your child feel fenced in thanks to the lockdown? Well, this gift will help unleash her energy and bring out the green warrior in her. And, having her own tools will give her the impetus she needs to get into gardening. You can teach her about the variety of flora and how to care for them while you plant pots together. This is the perfect gift to keep her active and engaged, and teach her some science as well.

Children’s Day gift ideas for preteens

A mystery recipe box

You must plan a little ahead for this one. Take an empty cardboard box. Choose a simple yet fun recipe (based on your child’s favourite dish). Write it out in a notebook. Place the notebook and the ingredients required to make the dish inside the box. Once your child opens the box, together you can make the dish as well as cook up some love!

Why your child will love this Children’s Day gift: If your child likes cooking, this is a gift he will love. You can handpick the ingredients and put in a handwritten recipe for the dish. Both of you can get creative and have a yummy treat to devour at the end of it all.

Personalised fountain pen

There is a reason why fountain pens are treasured gift items. All they need is a little care and your child will have a gift that would be with her for life .

Why your child will love this Children’s Day gift: A fountain pen often becomes a part of the owner’s identity and is a treasured gift. And, if you can get it personalised, it’s even better. You can explain to your child how a fountain pen can be one of the greatest possessions to have and ask her to practise her official signature, something she’ll use for the rest of her life.

Magazine/comic book subscription

Figure out your child’s interests and preferences before you get this gift. You don’t want to gift him a subscription that he doesn’t care for.

Why your child will love this Children’s Day gift: If your child is not into reading, this is the perfect gift to get him started. And, if he likes comics, you can get him a subscription for his favourite comic series. You can go for a weekly or a monthly subscription as per your convenience. This will also give him something new to look forward to every month, not to mention his excitement on getting a mail exclusively addressed to him.

Stationery kit

You can buy individual stationery items or pick out a kit online. But before you get one, make sure the items in the kit are useful to your child.

Why your child will love this Children’s Day gift: This gift is reasonable, usable and fun. You can also customise some items like a pen/pencil holder or the notepad according to your child’s liking. When you add your own touch to the kit or supplement it with accessories that you make on your own, it’ll make for a great Children’s Day handmade gift idea.

Musical instrument

While a guitar or keyboard would be popular choices, you can introduce your child to classical musical instruments as well.

Why your child will love this Children’s Day gift: Whether it’s the keyboard, guitar or a sitar, learning to play a musical instrument will keep him creatively engaged and away from video games. Also, enrol him in online music classes to help him learn to play the instrument. It’s one gift he will treasure for the rest of his life.

Children’s Day gift ideas for teens

Polaroid/instant film camera

Instant film cameras are easily available online and come with various features. Choose the one you think your teen will love.

Why this can be a great Children’s Day gift idea: There is nothing like instant gratification for a teenager, and in the digital age, an instant film camera is bound to be a hit with your teen and her friends. Many instant cameras today also come with the ‘selfie feature’. So, this Children’s Day 2020, make some ‘instant memories’ with your teen and earn some ‘cool parent’ points.

Personalised backpack

Backpacks are a popular accessory for teens today and, depending on your teen’s need and usage, there are many options to choose from.

Why this can be a great Children’s Day gift idea: A backpack is often a part and parcel of a teenager’s journey and something your teen will use for a long time. While it might feel good to surprise him with this gift, it would be better to get him to choose what he wants. So, go backpack shopping with your teen this Children’s Day and you might even get a surprise hug!


You can either go for the classical leather-bound journal or for the trendier ones. You know your teen best. Go for his choice.

Why this can be a great Children’s Day gift idea: Nothing matters more to a teen than her privacy. So, a journal that comes with its own lock and key is an ideal gift to give to your teen. This gift will also send her the message that you respect her privacy and her right to her space. But, remember to add a special handwritten note to say that while she’s entitled to her private thoughts, you will always be there for her with a cup of coffee and a hug, whenever she wants to share something with you.

A mini movie projector

The projector you buy should offer the best visual experience, have 3D support and come with a warranty.

Why this can be a great Children’s Day gift idea: It is understandable that you don’t feel safe going to the movie theatre yet. So, bring the theatre home with a mini movie projector for your teen this Children’s Day and get set for great movie nights with the family. If you are comfortable, you can also ask him to invite a few of his friends or cousins over for the weekend, keeping in mind all the COVID protocols.

LED photo clip string lights

These photo clip strings come in various sizes, can be battery-operated and waterproof.

Why this can be a great Children’s Day gift idea: This is a gift your teen will cherish over the years as she moves out of home for higher education or a job. This way, she can always take a piece of her home wherever she goes and make it a part of her room/house décor.

Whatever special gift you buy or make for your child this Children’s Day, remember that what he needs from you the most is to feel loved and supported, no matter his age. The year 2020 may not be a memorable one but you can ensure that Children’s Day 2020 is an occasion that your child never forgets. 

Here's wishing all children out there a very happy Children's Day!

About the author:

Written by Leena Ghosh on 11 November 2020.

The author is a journalist, writer, editor and the mother of a spirited young girl. In between juggling the roles of being a full-time cheerleader for her daughter, a thorough professional and a part time chef, she dreams of finishing the first page of her unwritten book.

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