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Beat The Routine With These Offbeat Destinations

Bored of travelling to ‘popular’ holiday destinations with your family? Time to check out offbeat spots that can be just as exciting. Zip Zap Zoom!

By Sumisha Arora Gilotra

You can never be tired of hearing the words ‘quality time’ when it comes to bonding with your teen. After all, every moment you spend with him is precious. It is an opportunity to explore, learn and create memories for a lifetime. It gets even better when you bond over activities that are not part of the usual routine. Teenagers enjoy and learn most from such explorations, which is why breaking the routine is good. As Nidhi Batra, co-founder, Little Nirvana Explorers says, “the best learning happens outdoors.” Planning a holiday with a teen is not an easy task. The most difficult part is choosing a destination. It is important to pick a place that will have activities for both you and your teen. Whether that activity is just lounging on the beach, interacting with the local people or jumping off a cliff (not literally), it really doesn’t matter. It must be something that you and your child are capable of doing together. Importantly, you both should be interested in it. “While traveling, children learn what they can’t learn in school. They learn about local cultures, experience local flavours, touch and feel their surroundings and get an opportunity to interact with people from different regions and lifestyles,” says Mit Bhatt, Managing Partner, The Grand Vacationist, an experiential travel company. Considering these factors, we now present five offbeat Indian destinations you may want to consider for your next family vacation.

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