Bangalore Weather Forecast: What Does The Expert Say?

What does the Bangalore weather forecast have in store for the city? Read an expert’s point of view and plan your days accordingly.

By Leena Ghosh  • 7 min read

Bangalore Weather Forecast: What Does The Expert Say?
Will Bangalore see rains soon?

Soaring temperatures with little or no rain, this summer, Bangalore is really feeling the heat. With temperatures reaching 36℃ during the day, Bangalore weather today has everyone wondering what happened to the AC city of India. According to the Meteorological Centre of Bangalore, in the next one week (13 April to 19 April) Bangalore is expected to touch a high of 37℃ with a possibility of rain or thunderstorm.

These conditions are however not an exclusive occurrence this year. With the rampant urbanisation and felling of trees over the years, Bangalore has witnessed a drastic climate change, which has affected the residents in various ways. As per a study titled, ‘Trees of Bengaluru’ by IISC Bangalore, published in May 2014, authored by TV Ramachandra et al, ‘The reduction of vegetation cover and collateral urbanisation have serious implications on a city’s environmental and ecological health. Bangalore has evidently crossed the threshold of urbanisation which can be gauged by the increase of psychological, social and health related issues among its residents’.

While the recent rains in Bangalore have brought some respite to the city folk, the weather in Bangalore has failed to improve by much. Will the city see more rains soon? Will we get any respite from the heat? How long will the Bangalore summer last? We ask all these questions and more to weather expert and scientist CS Patil from Bangalore and ask him for a Bangalore weather forecast.

This summer, Bangalore's temperature touched 34-36℃. Is the city experiencing the hottest summer yet according to your data?

Yes, the temperature is above normal. The normal temperature for Bangalore is 32℃ highest, during the day. This year it is above normal by 2-3℃.

Is this a trend we are seeing, and will it worsen in the next few years?

We cannot tell. The temperature can also come down. Last year, Karnataka did not receive much rainfall. For more than 100 days, it received only six hours of rainfall. This brought around drought conditions in the state. Because of the loss in soil moisture, the temperatures in the state have increased above normal this year.

What are the Bangalore weather projections for this year?

This year, the Bangalore weather report is normal. The heat wave conditions have not started in Karnataka till now. A heat wave occurs when the highest daily temperature is 5-6℃ above normal.

What are your predictions for rain this year?

South interior Karnataka received good rainfall recently. Above 50 per cent of the state was under rainfall. North interior Karnataka also received some rain. Normally, we can only predict up to five days of rainfall. So, it is difficult to give a Bangalore weather forecast for May and June, as it will not be accurate.

You have been studying Karnataka weather for long. How would you say the Bangalore weather has changed in the last 10 to 20 years?

Due to rapid urbanisation, Bangalore temperatures have somewhat increased. 20 years ago, we didn’t have road widening or cutting of trees. So, Bangalore records higher temperatures now than it did 10 or 20 years ago.

What measures do you think should be taken to lessen the damage caused by climate change?

We must replant as many trees as possible and undertake rainwater harvesting, side by side. Measures should be taken to preserve ponds and lakes around the cities. It’s important that we preserve our natural resources. We can bring down the temperature and improve Bangalore weather conditions by a fair margin, if we work on these measures. But, outside that we can’t do much as we cannot stop the urbanisation.

While it looks like Bangaloreans might just have to put up with the heat a little while longer, here are some precautions parents can take to make sure their children don’t suffer from a heat stroke.

  • Ensure your child drinks plenty of fluids through the day
  • Make your child wear light and loose clothes
  • Apply child-friendly sunscreen lotion before he steps out for the day
  • When your child returns from outdoors, after a while, help her cool off with a bath
  • Encourage him to stay indoors during peak temperatures (from mid-morning to early evening)
  • Ensure she gets enough rest as being outside in the hot sun can lead to heat exhaustion

Summer is a time for fun and play. But too much of it can cause heat-related illnesses. So, take all the precaution you need to while the summer season rages in Bangalore and help your child have a fun-filled vacation.

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