Baby Names to Watch Out for in 2018

Amidst the laughter and noise, big hugs and toys, for most parents, there also comes the dilemma of naming the baby. We give you a list of up-to-the-minute names that will help you choose the best

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Baby Names to Watch Out for in 2018

Choosing a name for the newborn is an overwhelming task for most parents. The nickname trap, upsetting initials, the overpopularity, names with discouraging meanings – time to set aside all this and choose something everlasting before your bundle of joy’s birth certificate gets stamped.

One cannot ward off the advice and suggestions that pour in during the naming process, particularly from the grandmas and aunts. Also, in India, we often choose names based on the time of birth and horoscope that is supposed to be auspicious for the cherub. Now blend this with a contemporary twist and your little one’s name will always stay in vogue. So to help you out in choosing the right name for your newborn, we have carefully chosen the most popular names that will make an impact in 2018. Here goes --

Names Inspired by Beauty Pageants

Manushi – The name has an Indian origin and means Goddess Laxmi

Numerology: The name corresponds to Number 4. Number 4s are considered to be stable, detail- oriented, obedient, and trustworthy

Similar names: Minesh, Manush, Munish, Menashe, Manishi

Anukriti – The name means ‘photograph’ and has its origin in India.

Numerology: The name corresponds to Number 4. Number 4s are believed to be stable, detail oriented, and trustworthy

Similar names: Angharat, Angharad, Anukeertana, Ansruta, Ankur

Vishnu – The name means Lord Vishnu or Almighty and is of Sanskrit origin

Numerology: Vishnu adds up to Number 3 – traits associated with the number are expressive, highly social-able, fun loving life, creative and career oriented

Similar names: Vishanu, Vashnie, Vaishno

Rohit – The name means ‘red’ or ‘the sun's red light.’ This one is an Indian origin name and has its roots in the Sanskrit language.

Numerology – The name adds up to number 7, depicting the qualities of being analytical, understanding, and knowledgeable.

Similar Names – Rohita, Rheta, Rahat

Zeenat – This is a popular name in Urdu language and simply means ‘delicate’ or ‘honour’.

Numerology: The lucky number of the name is Number 8. Number 8’s are practical and status loving

Similar Names: Zonta, Zaneta, Zanita

Sports Inspired Names

Virat – This name, which has become quite popular in the last few years, means ‘giant’ or huge and is of Indian origin.

Numerology: The lucky number being 7, the name bearer is good at analytical thinking and is very understanding

Similar Names: Virata, Virti, Vritee, Varta, Vairat, Viriato, Viraat

Mithali – This feminine name means ‘friendship’ and has its origins in India

Numerology: The name Miithali adds up to 9. Number 9s are successful and inventive, influential and tolerant.

Similar Names: Methli, Mutholi, Mithila, Maithili, Mithil

Rahim – This masculine name means ‘compassionate’ or ‘merciful’. It has traces of Iranian (Persian), Arabian and Indian origins

Numerology: Lucky number of the name being 4, the name bearer is stable, calm, and detail oriented

Similar Names: Rahma, Raheem, Raham, Rehema, Raheema

Constantine – It has the meaning ‘steadfast’ and is Latin in origin

Numerology – The name Constantine corresponds to the lucky number 8, highlighting qualities of harmony and balance with great ability of decision making

Similar Names – Constantin, Constantina, Constantino

Dheeraj – This is a masculine name which means ‘patience’ or ‘consolation’, and has Indian origin

Numerology: The corresponding lucky number for Dheeraj is 6, which highlights the qualities of being responsible, protective, and nurturing

Similar Names: Dhiraj, Dheeran, Dhruv

Sindhu – Sindhu means river or ocean. The word is of Sanskrit origin and could also refer to the mighty Indus river.

Numerology: The lucky number for those with this name is 3.

Similar names: Indu, Sindhya

What the Expert Says

“The trend these days is that people are going back to tradition and culture, that is why many names inspired by the scriptures have become popular. The important things to keep in mind while choosing a name is the number corresponding to the name, pronunciation, and whether it is matching with the surname both according to numerology and aesthetics. Of late, some parents want to experiment with new names, which are a combination of two different names. In 2018, while traditional names and names inspired by gods will be popular, some parents may choose ultra-modern names which are beneficial to the baby according to numerology. Some of the names to watch out for include – Achintya, Rishva, Diya, Aditya, Rajvardhan, Riva, Tapti, Tanmay, Kashmira, Ashwini and so on,” says T N Subramaniyam, noted astrologer and numerologist.

Festival Inspired Names

Achintya – This is a name derived from the Sanskrit language and is another name for Lord Shiva. It also means incomprehensible.

Numerology: The lucky number for this name being 9, the person bearing this name will be successful and inventive

Similar names: Aditya, Ananya, Atharva

Yadvi – The name means ‘queen’ or ‘Goddess Durga’ and is an Indian origin name

Numerology: The lucky number is 7, which makes the bearer of the name seek truth in everything

Similar Names: Yadviga, Yadveer, Yadva, Yadvinder, Yadvitha, Yadvah, Yadved, Yadvir, Yadved, Yadva

Shiv – This is the other name for Lord Shiva, meaning ‘auspicious’ or ‘lucky’. This name is rooted in the Sanskrit language.

Numerology: The lucky number for Shiv is 4, which lets him stay stable and calm, detail-oriented, obedient, and trustworthy

Similar Names: Shivi, Sheeva, Sohvi, Shiva, Shaivi, Shaivee, Suhavi

Shivantika – The name Shivantika means Lord Shiva’s Princess and has Indian origin

Numerology: This name comes under number 29. Number 29’s are mostly power-seekers who love making friends

Similar Names: Shivani, Shivan, Shivashri

Surya – This is the name of the Sun God, who is revered by everyone and is of Indonesian and Sanskrit origin.

Numerology: The number for Surya is 3, and the person with this name is expressive, highly sociable and fun loving

Similar Names: Saryu, Sreya, Sarayu, Sreeya, Suraiya

Pinga – The name means Goddess Durga and has Indian, Hindu origin

Numerology: Pinga adds up to number 2, which points to a person with a cooperative and helpful nature. She is also supposed to be patient and polite in behaviour

Similar Names: Pingasa, Pingala

Names Inspired by Celebrity Baby Births

Taimur – A boy’s name, Taimur means a ‘famous king’ or ‘iron’ and has Arabic origin

Numerology: Numerological number for Taimur is Number 1, which makes the child independent, highly ambitious, and creative

Similar Names: Taib, Taif, Taifur, Taimi

Rahyl – The name means ‘innocent’ and has Hebrew origin

Numerology: The expression number of Rahyl is 3, which means the person will be practical and admirable and known for great optimism and humour

Similar Names: Dahl, Raúl

Adira – The name Adira means ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’, and has Arabian and Hebrew origin

Numerology: The numerical for the name Adira is 1, whose dominant qualities are action-oriented, a pioneer and an independent person

Similar Names: Adairia, Audree, Audrea, Adara, Adir, Audra, Aadir

Inaaya – This name could either be for female or male and means ‘gift of God’ or ‘gift of Allah’. It has Arabic, Muslim origin

Numerology: The name corresponds to number 6, which makes the child responsible, protective, nurturing and friendly

Similar Names: Iniya, Inaya

Misha – This is a unisex name, which means ‘smile’ or ‘happy for life.’ It has both Russian and Indian origin

Numerology: The numerical for name Misha is 5, which makes the bearer growth-oriented, strong, and adventurous

Similar Names: Mshai, Moishe, Moosha, Meshia, Moshe, Masha

Movie Inspired Names

Padmavati – This is the other name for Goddess Laxmi and has an Indian origin

Numerology – The name equals to number 6, which means responsible, protective, nurturing and sympathetic

Similar Names – Padmapati, Pitambara, Padmabandhu, Pitambar, Padmaprabhu, Padmapani, Padmapriya, Padmavasa, Peetambar, Padmavati

Arjun – ‘Peacock’ or son of Lord Indra is the meaning of the name Arjun. It has Sanskrit, Indian origin

Numerology – Numerical for the name Arjun is 1, which means the child is independent, highly ambitious, and creative

Similar Names – Arjan, Arjean, Arjuni, Arjana, Arjna, Arjuna

Prem – The name means ‘love’ or ‘affection’, and has Sanskrit, Indian origin

Numerology – The lucky number of the name is 7, which underlines qualities like being analytical, understanding, and knowledgeable

Similar Names – Prema, Priam, Primo, Prama, Param, Parama

Devasena – The name means ‘Lord Subramanian's consort’ or the ‘one who is serving God’ and has Indian, Tamil origin

Numerology – The lucky number this name holds is Number 8, which imparts the bearer to be a symbol of harmony and balance with great ability of decision-making

Similar Names – Rajya, Shivani, Savithri

Babita – The name means ‘little girl’, and is of Indian origin

Numerology – The numerical for the name Babita is 8, which means being powerful

Similar Names – Babina

Zaira – This is a beautiful name which means princess or luminous. It has both Hebrew and Arabic origins.

Numerology – The numerical equivalent of this name is 1, which signifies a pioneer or leader.

Similar names – Zara, Ziva, Saira, Zajra

The first gift parents give their little ones is their names It will last a lifetime; hence picking the best-fit is crucial, so that it elevates the child to glory.

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