Baby Girl Names Starting With T

If you want for a trendy name starting with letter T for your little daughter, look no further. Here’s a list of baby girl names starting with T for you to choose from.

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Baby Girl Names Starting With T

As parents welcome the newborn into the family, they face the challenging task of naming the child. But, choosing a modern and latest Indian name for the baby is not easy. Family members, friends and everyone around come up with their own suggestions, making the job tougher.

To help you out and make your job easier, we present a list of baby girl names that start with T, the twentieth letter of the English alphabet. Browse through our list that includes unique Hindu, Christian and Muslim names, and choose the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

Etymology of the names: Etymology refers to the study of the origin and history of words. Most of the Indian names given here (except the pure Tamil names) have their roots in Sanskrit. Likewise, the Christian names have Biblical origin, and the Muslim names have Arabic or Persian origin.

Tamil baby girl names starting with T

Tamilini – Sweet as the Tamil language

Tamiloli – Bright light of Tamil language

Thenmalar – Flower with honey

Thenmozhi – One with a voice as sweet as honey

Tamilarasi – Queen of Tamil language

Tamilmagal – Daughter of Tamil language

Tamilmalar – Flower of Tamil language

Tamilselvi – A young Tamil girl

Telugu baby girl names starting with T

Tasya – Resurrection

Tejal – Lustrous; bright; glowing

Tejhu – Full of brightness

Thanu – Beautiful; bright

Talika – A bird

Tamanna – Desire; wish

Tamasi – Night

Tanaya – Daughter; father’s princess

Tanima – Beautiful; slender

Tanisa – Night; ambition

Kannada baby girl names starting with T

Thanvi – Grace; beauty

Thanya – One with beautiful eyes; sensitive

Tharaa – Wealth

Thulsi – The sacred basil plant

Thumri – A light classical melody

Tiksha – Bright

Tilaka – A beautiful necklace

Tilika – An auspicious symbol

Malayalam baby girl names starting with T

Trishna – Craving; thirst

Triveni – Confluence of three sacred rivers

Trushti – Satisfaction

Marathi baby girl names starting with T

Trunali – Small; tender grass

Truptee – Satisfaction

Trushni – Thirst; desire; wish

Bengali baby girl names starting with T

Tejashvi – Brightness; sharpness; pure; clean

Thanjuma – Kind; unique

Thasrirp – Famous

Hindi baby girl names starting with T

Tanviha – Cute; intelligent; loving

Tarunya – Young girl; youthfulness

Tavasya – Active; strong

Trishala – Mother of Lord Mahavir

Christian (Biblical) baby girl names starting with T

Tiana – Princess; star of the family

Tiara – Crown; queen; life

Tilda – Mighty in war; a battle maiden

Tincy – Miraculous; brilliant

Tinsa – Beautiful; brilliant; innocent

Tippy – Golden; fair

Tonya – Praiseworthy

Muslim baby girl names starting with T

Tanaz – Delicate body; worthy of praise

Tanha – Alone; beautiful; angel

Tania – Fairy; princess; queen

Tanit – Goddess of moon

Tubaa – Blessedness

Tufia – A new blessing

Tuhfa – A gift

Hindu Goddess baby girl names starting with T

Takhsvi – Goddess Laxmi

Tehitha – Goddess Laksmi

Trishika – Goddess Lakshmi

Tanushri – Goddess Lakshmi

Thusharika – Goddess Lakshmi

Tanisi – Goddess Durga

Tarita – Goddess Durga

Tahkshi – Goddess Durga

Talikha – Goddess Durga

Tanavya – Goddess Durga

Tanishi – Goddess Durga

Tanvika – Goddess Durga

Tanvita – Goddess Durga

Tarlika – Goddess Durga

Taveshi – Goddess Durga

Thridha – Goddess Durga

Tivisha – Goddess Durga

Toshini – Goddess Durga

Triguna – Goddess Durga

Tvarita – Goddess Durga

Tanveeta – Goddess Durga

Toushini – Goddess Durga

Trinetra – Goddess Durga

Tapaswini – Goddess Durga

Tilashree – Goddess Durga

Trinayani – Goddess Durga

Trilochani – Goddess Durga

Trilottama – Goddess Durga

Trishulini – Goddess Durga

Tvarita – Goddess Durga

Tarini – Goddess Parvati

Taswika – Goddess Parvati

Tripuri – Goddess Parvati

Triambika – Goddess Parvati

Trishitaa – Goddess Parvati

Thapaswini – Goddess Parvati

Tarkeshwari – Goddess Parvati

Tripda – Goddess Gayatri

Tatsavy – Goddess Gayatri

Trisita – Goddess Annapurna

Thushitha – Goddess Saraswati

Modern baby girl names starting with T

Turanya – Swift

Tushita – Satisfied; pleased

Trending baby girl names starting with T

Tejal – Lustrous; bright; glowing

Triya – A young woman

Traditional baby girl names starting with T

Thejasvini – Bright; energetic; gifted; brilliant

Tarangini – A river full of waves; a devotional musical composition

With such a huge collection of names starting with T, your task of choosing the right name for your baby becomes a lot easier. Go ahead and give your little one a name that she will feel proud of, as she grows up.

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