Are You Gender-Biased?

Do you have certain gender stereotypes in mind? Take this quiz to find out.

By Team ParentCircle  • 8 min read

Are You Gender-Biased?

Some of us have either a conscious or unconscious bias towards a particular gender. This may affect our parenting style. Here’s a quiz to find out whether you have a bias.

Under each heading, select the option that best describes how you feel. Check your results in the end. Remember, you will get the most accurate result only if you are honest with your choices. So, be true to yourself.

Parental Responsibilities

a) Father is the provider for the family. He should not be additionally burdened by having to take care of the children. He should only help discipline the children.

b) Why can’t the man stay at home and take care of his children? The woman’s ambitions should also be fulfilled.

c) It is important for both the mother and the father to be involved in their children’s lives.


a) Father’s word is final. He should make all the important decisions regarding finance, children’s education and their future.

b) Mother is the boss. She knows what’s best for her family.

c) Depending on the situation, the mother or father should have the final say on any matter. After all, what is best for the family is what matters.

Household Chores

a) Girls should be trained to care of the home. They should help their mother with cooking, cleaning and laundry.

b) Boys should not expect to be treated like kings. Girls are not their slaves or servants.

c) Girls and boys should help around the house. They can be given specific chores to do. Parents should set an example by splitting household chores.


a) Boys and men should eat first. The women should first serve them and eat later.

b) It is absolute non-sense that the women have to wait on the men. They should be able to eat whenever they feel like.

c) It is good to eat together as a family. Mealtimes provide a great opportunity for conversations and family bonding.


a) It is sufficient for girls to complete high school. If they are more educated than their future husbands, it could cause problems for them later in life.

b) Education and career should be the only priority for girls. This is what will make them successful. They should never be dependent on their husbands for money.

c) An equal opportunity should be given to both boys and girls to pursue their studies and dreams as this will make them independent.


a) Boys should play outside, participate in sporting activities, and be rough and tough. Girls will become dark if they play outside. They should learn to behave and should not be jumping around.

b) Girls play football, cricket and any other game along with the boys. Why should we have boys-only sports?

c) Both boys and girls should be allowed to play outside and participate in a sport of their choice. Physical fitness is important for all children.

Financial Control

a) Men should control all the money. Women are just big spenders.

b) Women have every right to spend money the way they want to.

c) A monthly budget should be set aside to take care of all the family needs.


a) If a teen girl is seen hanging out with boys, her reputation goes for a toss. It does not matter if the boy is seen with girls.

b) Girls too should party late into the night with friends from both sexes.

c) While going out and partying is fine, both the boy and the girl should keep his/her own safety in mind when making choices.


a) A girl should have ambition and success but not too much, otherwise she will threaten the man. She should aspire towards marriage. After all, it is her primary duty to look after her husband, in-laws and children.

b) Girls should not aspire to marriage. It disrupts their education and career paths.

c) Considering that marriage is a source of joy, love and mutual support, both boys and girls should be taught the importance of family-bonding and values. Both should strive to achieve a good work-life balance.

Financial Planning

a) Money should be saved to get the daughter married and to buy her jewellery. The son will need the money to start a business and to buy a house.

b)Today’s world is so unfair to women. Money should be saved to give the daughter all the support she needs to achieve her dreams. It is easier for a man to succeed in life.

c) Money should be kept aside for the children’s education and to support them till they are settled on their own. 

Let’s see how you fared. If you selected:

Mostly a You tend to be biased towards boys. You don’t seem to believe that boys too should be given responsibilities and be held accountable for what they do. Unfortunately, you are not respecting girls for who they are. Change your outlook and give girls the same opportunities as boys to reach their aspirations.

Mostly b You think that girls should rule the world. But, it is not about girls being superior to boys or vice-versa. Both boys and girls are individuals in their own right with their own talents and interests. You should set clear rules and expectations for both and grant privileges based on how they have handled responsibilities in the past.

Mostly c You are not ruled by traditional gender boundaries. You feel that both boys and girls should be treated equally and that they should learn to respect each other. Both will need your support and guidance; ensure they make healthy and safe choices. Keep going.