Are You A Tiger, Jellyfish Or A Dolphin Parent?

What does a tiger, a jellyfish or a dolphin have to do with parenting or you and your child? Turns out, these have a bearing on our everyday lives and actions. Take our quiz to find out more.

By Team ParentCircle  • 8 min read

Are You A Tiger, Jellyfish Or A Dolphin Parent?

Parenting is no mean feat. As a parent, you may have a different approach when it comes to raising your child when compared to another parent. Here are some situations. Circle the answer you think is closest to what you would do.

It's the weekend and your child is excited to spend time with you. But you are unwell. What would you do? 

A) You tell him in a stern voice to play by himself in his room and go to sleep. 

B) You let him do what he wants while you relax. 

C) You ask him politely to play by himself and explain that you are sick. 

Your daughter’s room is in a complete mess but she wants to go out and play with her friends. 

A) You tell her to clean the room first and then go out to play. You check every nook and corner of the room before she goes out to play. 

B) You let it be. It is her room after all. 

C) You clean 20 per cent of the room and ask her to come back and do the remaining 80 per cent. 

You are at a supermarket and your child asks for a chocolate. You get him one, he demands for more and you refuse. He shouts, cries and persists so that you’ll give in and buy it for him. 

A) You threaten to leave him with the security guard and go home without him. 

B) You buy him the chocolate to avoid embarrassment. 

C) You tell him you understand he is disappointed. You firmly let him know his behaviour is not acceptable, and that if it continues, you’ll have to leave the store right away. 

When you have plenty of household work to complete,

A) You make your child recite poems and maths tables while you work. You can’t compromise on precious time. 

B) You let your child watch television all day so that you can complete your work. 

C) You ask your child to help you out with chores. You give her small tasks that she’ll be proud of accomplishing.

Your child is a picky eater. He wants fried food and refuses to eat vegetables every day. 

A) You don’t let him leave the table till he finishes his home cooked healthy meal. 

B) You give him shallow fried cutlets since that’s healthier than deep fried food. 

C) You tell him firmly that he has to eat other foods as well. You decide to give him fried snacks two days a week though. 

You are preparing sweets with your daughter. You tell her not to eat the cashews or there won’t be enough for the sweets. Within five minutes, the cashews are over and there are bits and pieces stuck in and around her mouth. 

A) You scold her and send her straight to her room. You also tell her that she won’t be getting any of the sweets. 

B) You immediately take a picture of your cute daughter and post it on social media. 

C) You firmly tell her what she did is not helpful and ask her for a solution. Together, you work on how else to make the sweets. You smile to yourself when she is not looking and share the incident with your husband and have a hearty laugh together. 

Your child wants a pet lizard. 

A) You say a firm ‘NO’ and end the conversation. 

B) You get him one immediately. Anything to keep him quiet. 

C) You ask him why he wants one and offer an alternative. 

Your child brings back colourful stationery from school. When you ask her where it is from, she insists you bought it for her. 

A) You scold her for lying and punish her for stealing. 

B) You blame yourself for forgetting, and let her keep the stationery. 

C) You discuss why it isn’t nice to take other people’s belongings even though she likes something. You encourage her to ask you the next time she wants something she likes very much. 

You hang a painting in the living room. Your child climbs up the sofa and scribbles on it. 

A) You immediately get angry and punish him. You take away his crayons and threaten to never give them back. 

B) You let it be. You do not want to deal with the headache of reasoning with your child. 

C) You let him know that you are upset. You explain that he can draw and colour only in his notebooks and not on things around the house. 

Your child wants to invite her friend for a sleepover on a Friday night. 

A) You refuse and tell her that friends are not allowed at home for sleepovers and that she can spend her time studying instead. 

B) You agree and let her and her friend do what they want. As long as your child does not trouble you on a Friday night, you are okay with it. 

C) You agree and help your child plan a fun sleepover. It is okay to invite your child’s friend home on a Friday night because there is no school on Saturday. 

Now that you are done with the ‘rigorous’ assignment, time to check the analysis below to know your parenting style.

If you choose mostly As: You’re a Tiger parent: You are a strict parent. You believe in having control over your child’s life. You insist on excellence in different areas like academics and sports and measure your child’s success by his concrete achievements. Your child’s achievements make you feel you are a good parent. 

If you choose mostly Bs: You’re a Jellyfish parent: You are an indulgent parent who allows the rules to be broken. While you have expectations, you allow your child to get away easily. 

If you choose mostly Cs: You’re a Dolphin parent: You strike a fair balance between Tiger and Jellyfish styles of parenting. While you insist on things being done in a certain way, you also believe in communicating a lot with your child. You allow your child to have fun without compromising on values.

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