Are You A ‘Green’ Traveller?

When we travel, we often litter the very places we go to admire. This World Tourism Day (September 27), let’s think about our ‘footprint’ and learn to become responsible, eco-friendly travellers.

By Divya Sreedharan

Looking back at your childhood, if there was any travel (‘holidays’ were rare those days), it meant train or bus journeys — complete with packed lunches in steel dabbas, homemade snacks and bottled water from home. If you stopped on the way, it meant eating at roadside restaurants and drinking the ‘regular’ water available there. Today, travel means flying in planes and driving in our cars without depending on public transport. It also means picnicking and taking selfies at ‘view points’, leaving behind mounds of chips packets, tetra packs, disposable plates, cups and bottles, as if to mark our journey.

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