Aquarius prediction: December month 2018

Many believe the planets and the star affect our life. There is a ‘right’ time for everything – starting a business, marriage, undertaking a journey, etc. Read on to know more.

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Aquarius prediction: December month 2018

Aquarius Parent

You can breathe as this month would help you to recover from your problems and you would acquire pleasure and money. You name, and fame in social circle will be good.

The flow of money will be good, and gains would be favourable. You may have sudden profits from speculation and the stock market, but do not indulge intensively in these activities. Investments may bring benefits during the 2nd part of the month. Some may pay off their loans. This month loans will not add pressure to you.

There will be a cordial relationship with the family members, and you may have pleasure trips.

Relationship with friends and relatives will be satisfactory. Romance may not be favourable. Couples may face normalcy in the early part while during the later part of the month there could be intimacy. Some may tend to be inclined towards spiritualism and may get new friends in this area. You may participate in spiritual activities and may have the blessing of the enlightened master. Religious travel may be possible.

Reputed persons may honour your social activities. You may find happiness and inner satisfaction in doing social activities.

Legal disputes will not favour you and may lead to problems.

You may face disturbances and fatigue in your career. If you are in a profession that deals with words, ideas, or communication, this would be a very productive time for you. Attune yourself to make use of the stars. Advisors, astrologers philosophers, engineers may be successful while the realtors and entrepreneurs may stumble.

Your business partner’s flag may fly in the second part of the month, but you need to avoid ego clashes and misunderstandings. If you are in the communication business, you will be bright and gains new concepts.

Health would be normal though some may suffer cold-related problems. Those who suffer from blood pressure and heart diseases should take additional care. Your parents may suffer from a brief illness in the 2nd part of the month.

Aquarius little one

Children will witness good health and will be wise when it comes to decision-making. They will possess leadership qualities. Their dominative nature may fetch them a bad name. They may face unwanted problems with friends. Children should avoid being emotional or angry with friends. They may have discomforts and disturbance in mind and that will not allow them to concentrate on whatever they do. They should try to be focused and stay away from unwanted friendships. Their siblings will be helpful, and they will have a good rapport with them during this period.

Children should not play with any sharp instrument as that may cause an injury. This month they may be prone to falling and getting hurt. They may have to be cautious while they play.

Remedy to Mars to assuage the planet


  • Worshipping Muruga on Tuesdays
  • Taking blessings from parents daily
  • Feeding dogs on Saturdays

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