April Fool's Day: Pranks For Parents To Play On Children

Nobody likes to be fooled, especially parents. Let this be the year when you turn the tables around on your kids. Give them a taste of their own medicine through these delightful April Fool’s Pranks.

By Ashwin Dewan

April Fool's Day: Pranks For Parents To Play On Children

Deborah was annoyed and amused at the same time, before bursting into peels of laughter. For, she has been made a fool of yet again by her naughty 9-year-old son. Deborah, who is working from home because of the COVID-19 lockdown, was on her way to her study table, when she got pranked by her son.

When Deborah opened her bag to take out her laptop, she screamed out in terror. For a huge spider was inside the bag. It was only when her son, who was pretending to be asleep, began to laugh that the truth dawned on Deborah. It was a fake, plastic spider! Gotcha!

Hey parents, with the lockdown locking out all the fun this year, add a dash of excitement by trying a few tricks from this list of pranks:

April Fool's Day

Every year, the world celebrates the 1st of April as April Fool's Day. It is a day when people play pranks on each other and derive fun and laughter. Although, the origins of this day are not certain, it is one of the most light-hearted days of the year.

Top April Fools’ Pranks Parents Can Play On Kids (Ages 4-10)

April Fool's Day: Pranks For Parents To Play On Children

A ‘colourful’ closet: Fill up your child’s closet or drawer with balloons of different colours and sizes. When they open it to get their books or their clothes, and boom… they will be sweetly 'attacked' by a riot of colourful balloons flying all over the room!

The 'case' of a cracked smartphone screen: Nowadays, smartphones are an important necessity to children. The simply cannot do without the ubiquitous smartphone – surf the net, watch videos, play games, etc. Download realistic images of a cracked screen or you can even find some apps for the purpose that make a smartphone screen appear shattered. Chance upon an opportunity when you can get hold of your child’s smartphone, install the cracked cover and watch the horrified look on your child’s face.

Mind your language: Swap the settings on the television or the smartphone of your children so that they see everything in say, Spanish or French instead of English. Confusion followed by laughter guaranteed.

The colourful milk: Add a few drops of food colouring to the milk carton or the packet of milk. When your child goes to pour some milk into a glass for her to drink or a bowl of cereal, she will get a colourful surprise. Go crazy with colours parents. Choose bright pink or sky blue or even green. Prank your child.

Bubble wrap surprise: The night before 1 April, take care and discreetly hide a few sheets of bubble wrap under the footmat, the carpet, the sofa, and the bed. Whenever your children walk or sit on these surfaces, they are in for a noisy surprise but one that is extremely hilarious.

Moldy sandwich anyone: Prepare a 'different'  sandwich as lunch for your children one that is sure to elicit laughter and shocked expressions. Carefully prepare a plastic bag to keep the sandwich, paint green colour on a designated part of the bag so that it looks like the sandwich has started to go bad and is full of molds. Tell your children that their lunch is in the fridge and they have to take the bag out to have the sandwich. Trust us, your children will be horrified when they open their lunch only to realise it is a prank.

The iPad surprise: Break the happy news to your children. Tell them that you had already bought them an iPad in view of the impending lockdown so they would not feel bored during this period. Yaaay! Great news! Only, this is not the one by Apple. It is a set of eye pads from the nearest pharmacy.

Do a ‘Houdini’: Prank your child with the floating photo where a friend of yours is seen floating in the air. As your child watches in disbelief, tell him that it is a prank. Basically, there is a simple photo trick where if you take a picture of a person standing next to a splash of water on the ground, it will look like he is floating.

My show and nothing else: With the lockdown, the television fights have resumed. Place small pieces of transparent tape over the sensors on the TV remote and give the remote to your child. To begin, choose the television shows that you want to watch! This is a win-win situation for parents. You can peacefully get to watch your favourite show and, at the same time, watch your child have difficulty trying to figure out the situation.

The ‘Picasso’ effect: This prank is a difficult one to do but if you can pull it off, nothing like it. After your children go to bed, check in on them. Make sure they are sound asleep. Then, paint your children’s faces carefully with a riot of colours – make moustaches, paint the tip of their noses red like a clown, draw circles and lines, etc. The next morning, when they get up to brush their teeth and look the mirror, the fun begins.

The gooey diaper: Inform your children that your neighbour who gave birth recently is coming over for a visit as she needed some groceries having exhausted hers due to the lockdown . Tell them not to disturb you and that they should play in their room. After your friend leaves, spread chocolate in generous quantities over a piece of diaper and place it on the living room where everyone can spot it.

Tell your children to tidy up the living room. When they spot and find out the poop-filled diaper (according to them), get ready for some disgruntled noises and shrieks of disgust.

The fruity treat: Get an assortment of colourful chocolate wrappers and put grapes or tiny bits of other fruit inside them. The main idea is to deceive the other person into thinking these are chocolate. Once you have finished with the task, call your child and inform him that these chocolates are for her. To make it more realistic, tell your child to go easy on the chocolates. Stay tuned for his reaction when he enthusiastically unwraps the chocolate to find fruit instead.

Black bean cookies: Children love chocolate chip cookies. Who does not? This April Fools’ Day try something different. Bake a batch of cookies for your children. Black bean cookies that is. Yes, bake this ‘weird’ cookie using bits of black bean and mashed potatoes. Make sure they look like chocolate chip cookies. Imagine your child’s surprise when she excitedly picks up one, takes a bite and find a weird taste.

The missing cat: Buy a pair of walkie talkie. Place one inside your child’s drawer or a place where it will be difficult for him to find it (under the bed, below the study table). Now, make meow sounds at regular intervals. Watch and laugh as your child tries to search for a cat thinking it is in distress.

Extra-large please: When your children go off to sleep, quietly open their drawer to switch their clothes with yours. Watch the fun as they look on with a bewildered expression at the extra size clothes the next morning.

Funny April Fool's Pranks

  1. Love chips but hate sharing them? Lay's India came up with a solution... or at least made some people think that they did. In 2017, on April Fool's Day, Lay's India announced the release of a "no share pack - installed with fingerprint sensors." Their prank made many laugh out loud, and many others wish that it was actually real. An April Fool's Day success if there ever was one.
  2. On April 1, 2018, Netflix announced that it had "acquired" actor Seth Rogen. "Rogen has entered into a lifetime deal to transfer full ownership of his personal autonomy to Netflix, Inc.," read their press release. It turned out, of course, to be an April Fool's Day joke that left many scratching their heads and smiling in amusement.
  3. in 2017, Google announced the launch of 'Google Play for Pets', which they described as "a new category of games, apps and training tools to keep your pet stimulated."
  4. 1996 - Taco Bell Corp. runs a full-page ad in several major newspapers claiming it has purchased the Liberty Bell and is renaming it the "Taco Liberty Bell."
  5. 2008 - The BBC runs a video clip of flying penguins as part of a story for its series "Miracles of Evolution." The presenter explains that the penguins escaped the cold, harsh Antarctic weather by flying to the tropical rainforests of South America.
  6. April 1, 2016 - Google introduces "Mic Drop," a Gmail feature that enables users to send emails with an animated gif depicting a minion dropping a microphone. The prank goes awry when people accidentally click on the button and unwittingly send business emails with the whimsical animation. The feature is removed after several hours of confusion.

April Fools’ Day is all about fun, laughter, and pranks. Remember, there is a child inside everyone of us. This day bring out your inner child and prank your little one. In the process, create some hilarious memories along the way!

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About the author:

Written by Ashwin Dewan on 19 March 2020.

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