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And That’s Why They Are ‘Grand’parents

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is nothing less than grand. As we celebrate grandparents, a few of them share their experiences with us. Read on and cherish every moment.

By Sindhu Sivalingam

“Where’s Thatha?” comes a question on the video call and there he is getting tattooed. Remember the famous ad series of the grandparents in Goa? Who can ever forget the Dhananjayans in the Vodafone ad series. The famous dancer-duo, well known for their art, love and enthusiasm won over our hearts with their idea of love and life. And as ParentCircle celebrates grandparents, we approached them for a chat. They were equally warm in welcoming us. Their schedule was busy – dance class, recitals, shoots, etc., but they could not say a NO since the chat was going to be about their relationship with their grandson, Samartha (14). Yes indeed, grandchildren are special and always get their way. Lucky for us.

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