Alternative Career Options For Your Child

Is your child interested in Science but does not want to become a Doctor or an Engineer? Worry not, there are many alternative careers she can think about in his chosen field to be successful.

By Hannah S Mathew  • 11 min read

Alternative Career Options For Your Child

Highly qualified professionals today, often find themselves unemployed or under-employed. This is because there are more experts than required in many traditional fields. In this day and age of alternative careers and high competition, your child needs to be exclusive, atypical and original. These qualities will allow her to be an inimitable professional.

The advent of technology and multifarious advancements in the field of academics have opened up various career paths for the students of today. This is one of the reasons why we see so many entrepreneurs in different fields. Consider the successful lives of archaeologist Shereen Ratnagar, app developer Mehvish Mushtaq, hair stylists Jawed Habib Akter and Ambika Pillai, chef Sanjeev Kapoor and many more. These are individuals who decided to stand out rather than blend in.

As a parent, you need to give your child a diversified education and focus on his unique talents and abilities. To help him have a fulfilling career, allow him to explore uncommon professions. Foster his individuality, in his preteen and teenage years. Explore alternative courses of study for his college education. Here are some well-paying alternative careers he can pursue in Science, Humanities and Mathematics.

1. Alternative careers in Science

  • Occupational Physician

As an occupational physician, your child will help diagnose and treat people who are ill due to work-related factors. His work routine will include visiting workplaces to check on health and safety measures regarding radiation, asbestos, lead and hazardous wastes. He will also manage regular employee fitness evaluations and liaison with other medical professionals.

Educational requirement: A relevant paramedical degree

  • Transplant Coordinator

As a transplant coordinator, your child will be directing, organising and managing everything related to the transplant of human organs on behalf of the hospital. She will coordinate closely with brain death certifiers, dialysis units, blood banks, eye banks and life support professionals. She will need to be aware of the conditions of preserving and transporting the organs.

Educational qualification: Any degree in paramedical sciences, social work, psychiatry, sociology, social science or public health

  • Medical Legal Advisor

In this profession, your child will act as an interface between doctors and lawyers. Lots of information such as claims, grievances, supervisory issues, inquiries, medical insurances, criminal investigations and general information will be under his supervision. He will represent doctors in court and teach doctors about healthcare laws.

Educational qualification: A degree in law

  • Scientific Photographer

Your child will need to specialise in photo imaging techniques that use infrared, ultraviolet, time-lapse, thermal illumination and micrography. Her skills will be utilised to document and illustrate experiments and documentaries. She will need to know how to use highly developed cameras to capture images of fast-moving projectiles, extreme close-ups, explosions and objects in outer space.

Educational qualification: A certification in photography; any degree with a science background is an added advantage

2. Alternative careers in Humanities

  • Financial Reporter

As a financial reporter, your child will write articles on the financial market situations and monetary issues, specifically relating to the government, agriculture, entertainment and real estate industries. He will need to be well-versed in matters concerning bank mergers, labour law and stock market trends. Most of his work will be based on surveys, case studies and interviews.

Educational qualification: Any degree in journalism, communications, finance or economics

  • Realty Assessor

As a realty assessor, your child can work for the government as well as private concerns. She will determine the value of property for purchase, sale and taxation purposes. The assessments will need to be done annually. Realty assessors need to have in-depth knowledge of taxation laws, fair market value and skills to predict future tax rates.

Educational qualification: A degree in management

  • Government Policy Advisor

Your child will be a key person involved in making policies. He will ensure that the policies are impartial. He will need to know rules regarding immigration, foreign affairs, education, healthcare, environment, and economics, depending on the area of his specialisation. He will need to do a lot of reading as well as research and write presentations.

Educational qualification: A degree in law or management

  • Educational Administrator

In this field, your child can work for the central or state government, or private or government educational institutions. She will be involved in every department of an educational institute, including admissions, staff recruitment, staff training, correspondence, statistical reporting, human resources and liaising with other organisations.

Educational qualification: Any degree in education or humanities

  • Marriage and Family Therapist

As a marriage and family therapist, your child will help families and individuals who suffer from problems like anxiety, depression, addiction and abuse. He will need to help an individual or a family recover by using his knowledge and skills in the field of psychology. An aptitude for listening and compassion are added advantages.

Educational qualification: A degree in psychology or psychiatry

3. Alternative careers in Mathematics and Commerce

  • Market Research Analyst

Your child’s skills and knowledge will help companies and organisations make well-informed decisions about their business. He will conduct surveys, hold discussions, administer questionnaires and have interviews with consumers to arrive at findings that help firms to improve their performance, advertising, other services and marketability.

Educational qualification: A degree in economics or commerce

  • Statistician

Your child’s skills as a statistician will be required in almost every field. She will design ways to collect, quantify and present data to predict trends and conduct trials. Her help will enable organisations to present findings to the government or governing boards and help them establish research-based policies.

Educational qualification: A degree in statistics or mathematics

  • Risk Managers

Your child will have an advisory role in most organisations. He will be hired to look out for possible threats to a company and design possible minimising and preventive measures to keep that company’s interests safe. Risk managers need to have a good rapport with the employers, employees, consumers and other stakeholders of the company.

Educational qualification: A degree in commerce or management

  • Cryptologist

Your child will be an expert in deciphering codes, solving cryptograms and securing information using codes. She will need to work on highly confidential matters, usually relating to the national security. Cryptologists are generally hired by the navy, the army and the air force of a country and are in high demand.

Educational qualification: A degree in mathematics

  • Combinatorics Expert

Your child’s expertise will be in applying probabilities, permutations and combinations. His use of algebra, derivatives and functional equations will help him arrive at several outcomes of different manipulations of an exercise. Combinatorics experts usually work with companies that deal with game designing, cell phone communications, GPS tracking systems, etc.

Educational qualification: A degree in mathematics

The options for alternative careers are varied and limitless. Approach these career paths with an open mind if you want your child to have a prosperous and fulfilling professional life. Understand her strengths, talents and interests, and guide her as she explores suitable career choices. Prepare her to fly solo when the time comes for her to send out her college applications. 

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