Allopathy vs Homeopathy: Which Is More Effective For Your Child?

Do you prefer homeopathy for your child? Or would you choose to opt for allopathy as it is quick and effective? Find out what our experts have to say

By Team ParentCircle

Allopathy vs Homeopathy: Which Is More Effective For Your Child?

When there are too many options to choose from, you end up not knowing which one to pick. Fortunately or otherwise, the field of medicine is littered with a large number of choices too. In that case, how do you know which one’s right for your child? How do you choose between the two biggest options - allopathy and homeopathy? Well, here we list the reasons why doctors from either field think it’s the best option for kids.

Why should you choose allopathy for your child?

Dr Roopa Priyadharshini tells you why she would prescribe allopathy for your child.

  • Non-violent mode of administration: Quite a few systems of medicine include a lot harsh treatment, such as force feeding. Allopathy is not one of them. It’s quite safe, secure and gentle on the child.
  • Easy on the child’s system: Your child’s internal system is still tender and immature. Allopathy is designed to go easy on the infantile system.
  • Preventive medication: Allopathy is about the only field that has specific preventive medication and the concept of vaccination. It’s always better to prevent than cure.
  • In case of an emergency: One of the best advantages of allopathy is that it works immediately. During emergencies, your safest bet is allopathic treatment. You cannot wait for the effect of homeopathic pills to kick in when your child has an asthma attack.

Says Dr Roopa, “These are some of the reasons why you should pick allopathy for your child. But, if you are battling chronic diseases, I’d recommend homeopathy or Ayurveda. In the long run, allopathy can leave behind a lot more side effects than cures. In case of an emergency, however, go straight for allopathy.”

Why should you choose homeopathy for your child?

Dr N Narayanan tells you why he would prescribe homeopathy for your child.

  • No toxins: Any kind of medication has a certain level of toxicity to it. Homeopathy pills have none. They are entirely safe for your child.
  • No overdose worries: Homeopathy medicines are hand picked to suit the physiological needs of the individual. So, there is nothing to worry about in the case of accidental consumption of medicines that are not prescribed to the child. And, the concept of overdose does not exist in homeopathy.  
  • Limited scope for preventive medication: True, homeopathy’s preventive medication is not as concrete as allopathy’s. But, homeopathy has its own set of preventive measures. For example, there isn’t a pre-existing preventive medication for Swine flu. But, by targetting the key areas that Swine flu affects in our body, physicians can come up with one. I did that during the Dengue fever outbreak last year with successful results.
  • Prevents the need for emergency: Homeopathy is not for an emergency. But, it prevents the need for one. So, in case of an emergency, let allopathy be the immediate form of treatment. Once the danger of the situation passes, go back to homeopathy. Now you can find ways to treat the problem and make sure such an emergency never occurs again.

So, what's it going to be for your child? As a parent, which one would you recommend? Share your comments below.