AIR: The three values that start at home

Accountability, Integrity and Responsibility (A.I.R.) are three essential mantras for every living being contributing to a nation’s stature. Here's how you can teach these values to your child.

By Dr Mrs Y.G. Parthasarathy  • 5 min read

AIR: The three values that start at home


Parents are accountable to the community by ensuring that their children blossom into fragrant flowers -physically, mentally and spiritually. This is done by giving children plenty of love and reassurance, and by encouraging them to recognise their potential to achieve the best in life. Parents themselves have to be role models to their children. They cannot stop with just the providing of food, clothing, housing, education and entertainment and think that their duties are over.

Children are accountable too. They have to grow up into value-based responsible citizens, with so much of parental effort and investment channelled into their growth.


Parents need to be truthful and frank with their children and not deceive them with false promises. They should not hide the real state of affairs at home, whether financial, social or emotional. Once an adult tells a lie or perpetuates a deceitful action, he loses credibility. Remember the story of the shepherd crying aloud ‘Wolf, Wolf’ for fun, and how nobody believed him when a real wolf arrived!

Children would have faith in trustworthy parents and confide in them when they are in trouble. They would also imbibe integrity.


Parents should accept responsibility for the way children finally shape up - physically, emotionally, and socially. Parents should do their duty impartially and own up if necessary, the mistakes made through blind, misplaced affection or misjudgement.

Children have the responsibility of fulfilling the expectations of their doting parents who sacrifice time, attention, wealth and even health. Children have no right or authority to abandon these expectations, even if they are unpleasant.

Dr. Mrs.Y.G.Parthasarathy is the Dean and Director, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan.

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