Age-Appropriate Chores For Your Child

Getting your child involved in household chores can be quite challenging. Not if you follow some tips given in this special article. Here's a complete list of age-appropriate chores for your child.

By Meera Marrate

Kavitha and Reema are long lost college friends. One afternoon, they bump into each other at a mall and to their surprise discover that they both have children of the same age, although one is a boy and the other, a girl. Excited to be meeting after ages, the duo head to the coffee shop and there begins the lengthy conversation. After all, there is so much catching up to do. After a while, the conversation drifts towards household responsibilities. Kavitha laughs out loud and talks about her seven-year-old son, Advaith. She says, “Advaith is a typical boy. He just doesn’t lend a hand with morning chores like picking up the milk packet, setting the breakfast table, rinsing the plates and so on. If only he helped me, we wouldn’t be scampering to the school gate almost breathless each morning.” To this, Reema bursts out laughing. “Kavi, if you think Advaith is being gender-biased, hold on. I don’t think this has much to do with gender. It is the current generation. My daughter, Sapna, wakes up late, spends close to an hour dressing up, spends 20 minutes on her smartphone, and rushes when she hears the blasting horn from her pickup van. Children these days are just like that.”

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