A Rich Tribaling Experience

Have you ever thought of exploring the beauty of tribal India with your children? How about planning for one? Here’s an exclusive list of some wonderful options to choose from!

By Varsha Venkatesh

India is home to more than 500 tribes, accounting for a staggering 9% of the country’s total population. Unadulterated by the changing times, these tribes have remained the purest sign of the rich culture and heritage of India. The quaint hamlets that are homes to these tribes offer deep insights into their ancient way of living. We think of tribes as people living deep inside the forests, often away from urban interference. In reality, many of them live along the edges of cities and some of them offer tourists an experience of a lifetime. We handpick four such villages for you to tour and get unforgettable insights into the lifestyle and traditions of these beautiful people. And yes, a shopping experience you will never ever forget. Are you ready for some ‘tribaling’ now?

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