A Guide To Pongal Celebration

This Pongal take your celebrations to the next level with these smart ideas on home décor, food and travel. Learn all about the festival and get ready to enjoy it with family and friends

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A Guide To Pongal Celebration

It’s that time of the year when one of India’s favorite festivals graces our homes. Yes, the harvest festival Pongal is just around the corner. Delicious food, a variety of gifts and visiting near and dear ones are an integral part of the Pongal festivities. In fact, all harvest festivals across India evoke memories of mouth-watering food and general bonhomie. Spring cleaning and de-cluttering of homes are other must-do chores during Pongal.

Guide to Pongal celebrations

A Guide To Pongal Celebration

As households are gearing up to celebrate this joyous festival, here’s a guide to Pongal celebration. From home décor to suggestions for travel and Pongal-special recipes, we have covered it all for you.

We have also collated articles on the history and origin of the festival and how harvest festivals are celebrated throughout the country. Don’t miss our article on How I Involve My Children In Pongal Celebrations. 

Browse through our curated videos for ideas on how to decorate your home and make easy and beautiful kolams for Pongal.

Home décor ideas for Pongal

Earthen pots and sugarcane hold special significance during Pongal festivities. Then, why not bring these two elements alive in your home décor? A little craft work can do wonders for your home decor this Pongal.

Check out this video for inspiration.

Pongal kolams:

A Guide To Pongal Celebration

Rangolis or kolams are another essential ritual associated with Pongal. These traditional and colourful floor decorations will usher in the festive spirit and bathe your house in beautiful colours and hues. Draw an elaborate kolam in front of your main entrance and a smaller one in front of your puja room. If you are decorating a corner of your home for Pongal, you can draw a simple pot and sugarcane symbolic kolam to add a festive touch.

Check out these videos for ideas.

Flowers to deck up your home: 

Colorful flowers like marigold can be used creatively in home décor in a number of ways. They instantly deck up your home with minimal effort. Try make a thoran or front door hanging with marigold and Ashoka or mango leaves. You can also draw a Pongal pot with flowers. 

Setting up the table: 

Pongal is all about the special festival delicacies such as sweets and savories we prepare and serve to guests. So, setting up the table before inviting guest becomes important. Put a decorative centerpiece that can reflect the true essence of the festival. Spread a bright colored tablecloth and take out your best china. If you have silverware or gold-plated bowls, you can serve the festival specialties like chakkara pongal or coconut and til (sesame seeds) laddus in it. Or you can give it a rustic touch by serving your delicacies in cane or bamboo baskets. Check out how this Assamese woman serves Bhogali Bihu special pithas in a bamboo dola or tray. 

Using kites as décor:

Since flying kites is intrinsic to the celebrations of Makar Sankranti, which coincides with Pongal, why not bring kites into your festival décor? Ask your children to help you make colorful kites out of craft paper and use them to decorate your home.

Must have items for Pongal decorations:

  • Earthen pots
  • Sugarcane with long stems
  • Toy farm animals like cows as they are revered during Pongal
  • Kites, flowers

Children love art and craft, so don’t forget to involve your little helper while decorating your home. Lending you a helping hand to decorate the house for the festival will not only help them feel more involved but also encourage them to learn more about their culture and traditions.

Travel during the festival

If travel is on the cards during festival time, check out places where you can truly soak into the full colors of the festival. Places where the festivals of Pongal, Lohri or Makar Sankranti are celebrated with full fervor are Madurai, Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Amritsar, Punjab, Mysore, Karnataka, Udupi, Karnataka, Hyderabad and Telangana. Read the full article on the destinations here.

Remember to take all the necessary safety precautions while planning your travel this year.

7 Amazing Destinations You can Explore to Make Pongal Special

All You Need To Know About Pongal

A Guide To Pongal Celebration

One of the most loved festivals, Pongal, brings joy for the whole family. If you want your child to learn all about the festival and the rituals associated with it, read our in-depth article on Pongal.

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Thinking how to make your child actively participate in Pongal celebrations? Read the following.

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If you are wondering how Pongal celebrations have evolved over the years, this is a must-read article for you.

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Pongal special food:

A Guide To Pongal Celebration

The sweet pot of pongal has its own significance in celebrating the festival. Without cooking the sweet aromatic pongal, the festival would lose its charm. However, you can definitely give a twist to the traditional items. If you are looking for unique Pongal recipes to prepare during the festival, we have you covered. Check out some traditional Pongal dishes with a twist here.

Unique Pongal Recipes for a Hearty Celebration.

Also, check out some kid-favorite Pongal recipes.

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History and origin of Pongal

If you are someone who delves deep into the history and folklore behind our festivals, we have a special treat for you. Read about other popular harvest festivals that are celebrated in different parts of India.

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Harvest festivals, like Pongal, are all about thanksgiving for nature's bounty and celebrating life. Soak in the festive atmosphere and let go of unwanted elements from your life. Make this festival extra special for your children and loved ones by spreading joy and cheer.

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Written by Monali Bordoloi on 8 January 2021. 

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