A Dream Home For Your Child: Factors To Consider

All parents want to give their children the best of everything. That includes a dream home where your children feel loved. Here are some tips to help you choose the right property for your family.

By Team ParentCircle  • 7 min read

A Dream Home For Your Child: Factors To Consider

As parents, what do you want to provide for your child? Access to quality education, healthy and tasty food, the best clothes, a comfortable lifestyle, so on and so forth. Today, however, a dream home is also high on the priority list for most families. But, it is also a huge investment. Moreover, it can be difficult to look for a home that fits your budget and also fulfills the requirements of your family.

Also, zeroing in on a dream house can be a time-consuming task, especially if you are a first-time buyer. You may end up spending a lot of time looking up properties online, making site visits and talking to real estate agents. What's more, if you are a young parent, your priority may be to find a property that meets your immediate needs.

How to decide on your ideal home

Given that buying a home is such a big decision, how do you decide if a house is right for you and your family? Here are five factors you should consider when choosing your dream home:

1. Look for the features you want: A dream home is more about fulfilling wishes than meeting needs. Your aspiration may be to provide a separate bedroom for your children and their grandparents. You may also want a dedicated space for entertainment, books and music, as also a prayer room. What's more, you may want the children’s room to be large enough to accommodate another child in the future. Based on your needs, you may want a modular kitchen with a large cooking area. Similarly, a building with an elevator may become a must-have some time in the future. Make a list of the features each member in your family requires and then, rank each by importance. This exercise will help you focus on properties that work for all of you.

2. Check the neighbourhood: While selecting a house, it is advisable to scan the neighbourhood to see if all the essential facilities are nearby. Is there a park within walking distance? Is there any place close by for your child to learn swimming, football and other sports? You may also want to check if there is enough space around the apartment itself for your children to play freely and safely. Remember, a parking area doesn’t qualify as a safe play zone for children. A child-friendly, preferably secluded area free from traffic will provide your child with plenty of opportunities to hop, skip, jump and get messy.

3. Scrutinise your accessibility: In today’s day and age, commuting from house to office or to school can be time-consuming and tiring. So, while choosing your ideal home, you must consider many other factors. Do you want your child’s school to be a short ride away? Buying a property located close to a well-known, high-rated school can be your wisest decision as many schools nowadays prefer to give out admission based on the location of the student's house. Reducing commutes will benefit your child by freeing up time for sleep, free play and, studies in higher grades.

4. Location: Another very important aspect to consider is the location of the property. Are you okay living in a busy and potentially noisy part of the city because everything is easily accessible — office, shopping mall, school, hospital, railway station and airport? Or would you rather breathe in fresh air, living in a more residential but far-flung part of the city? Weigh your options carefully and choose what suits your lifestyle.

5. Be ready to make compromises: While listing down all the features you want in your dream home, it’s equally important to be prepared for features that could well prove disappointing. That way, you can guide your home search away from such aspects and avoid having your idealistic living experience marred by something you cannot change. For example, if you do not want dingy or wet bathrooms, you must look for one that has space to fit shower cubicles and which has good drainage. If you are wary of maintaining large balconies, don’t buy a house with one. With children growing up, your family will be doing a lot of cooking for them and occasionally, for their friends too. If you cannot stand the idea of cooking in a small kitchen that lacks proper ventilation, immediately cross out a home with one. As a thumb rule, if you find yourself spending more time talking about the compromises than the assets, opt out.

Buying a house is a one-time decision that requires careful planning and consideration. It is one investment that will stay with you for life. It is where your children will grow up, where happy memories will be made. So, take your time in choosing a house that will also become a beloved home for you and your family. 

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