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‘A Child With Diabetes Can Lead A Normal Life’

Diabetes in children is emerging as a new concern for families. A leading diabetes expert throws light on the various aspects of the ailment in children.

By Team ParentCircle

The National Nutrition Survey, released by the Union Government last month, has thrown up some worrying results. The survey revealed that nearly 5% of Indian children are overweight, 1 in 10 children (5 to 9 years) are showing early signs of diabetes and 1% of children are already diabetic. To talk about this and more, we have with us Dr Vijay Viswanathan, one of the leading diabetologists in India today. Dr Viswanathan discusses many points, including the common signs of diabetes in children, the risk factors, the strict medical regimen to be adhered to, preventive steps and how the right support and guidance can help parents and the child sail through these trying times. It's a ParentCircle World Diabetes Day exclusive. Here are the excerpts:

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