9 Birthday Party Games Children will Enjoy

What’s a fun birthday bash without some entertaining games that will keep the children on their toes? Try these for your little one’s special day and we guarantee you everyone will have a riot

By Aditi Sheoran Chhajta

9 Birthday Party Games Children will Enjoy

Your child’s birthday is around the corner! While you are busy with the logistics of the celebration, don’t forget to answer the most important ask for that day ─ “How to engage the child brigade?” While evergreen energisers like passing the parcel, musical chairs and ring the donkey’s tail are great options, it is time we explored further. Check out some of our top picks of innovative birthday party games for children in the age group of 4 to 10 years. The idea is to pack some learning along with entertainment.

1. Spin the bottle ─ This is just a different style of playing ‘passing the parcel’. Here, we have quirky tasks written on folded chits and put into a bottle. We spin the bottle to the sound of music and whichever child the bottle points at, has to pick a chit and complete the task. This is a great way to get the kids to perform hilarious antics while having loads of fun.

Age group: Suitable for all age groups

2. Treasure Hunt ─ This is the perfect game to play if you are celebrating the birthday outdoors or if you have organised a picnic at the park as part of the celebrations. Divide the children into smaller groups of 3-4 kids and set them out on a treasure hunt through a serious of riddle-filled chits or visual clues, hidden in different corners. This adventure will surely get them thinking as they try to solve the puzzles along the way.

Age group: 6-10 years.

3. Improv Games ─ This will be a hit with not just budding theatre enthusiasts but anyone who likes a little drama. A popular one for theatre artists, this is a creative group game and there are no winners really, or rather everyone is a winner! Make the little tykes sit around in a circle and give them a starting sentence that the next child has to build upon to make a story. At the end of it, the kids need to enact the almost illogical story they created. While creativity is at a high, you will get to watch a hilarious skit unfold. Add props to make it more fun.

Age group: 8-10 years 

4. Dumb Charades ─ This is for slightly older children including pre-teens and teens. You can set a genre and play this for movies or personalities. Divide the gathering into group of two. One group gives the other a movie they have to enact without speaking, so that their group can guess it in the given time frame. This is a great communication building game and oodles of fun for all age groups.

Age group: 8-10 years

6. Obstacle course ─ If you have a park in your society and a few props too, this is a great way to get all the kids happily tired. You would have to build some of your own obstacles such as a cardboard tunnel, some mock stones, plants and the like. Have the group split into pairs or triads to participate in this action- packed activity. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of using props and real obstacles, you can simply have frog jumps, duck walks, sack races and slow cycling as some of the relay activities.

Age group: 6-10 years

7. Word Games ─ The fastest brains are the winners here. You need to ask the participants to jot down as many countries they know starting with a particular letter and so on. You can play around with different themes or groups of words, or use any other variables. This will not only build vocabulary but enhance current affairs knowledge.

Age group: 8-10 years.

8. Fun Quiz ─ Ask a set of general knowledge questions that kids could be clued in to. You can add brain ticklers to this as well. This game ends up being educative while the smartest and sometimes the quietest minds get to open up and shine.

Age group: 6-10 years.

9. Count me out ─This is a simple game where the group does counting in a circle, while alternating the language. So one kid starts counting ‘one’ in English , moving to the second kid who needs to say ‘do’ in Hindi and the third says ‘three’ and so on. Set a limit to say twenty and see the bloopers along the way. Anyone who goes wrong is out of the game. The last one counting, wins.

Age group : 4-8 years.

Include these birthday party games in your child's bash and there will never be  a dull moment at the party. 

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