8 Unhealthy Foods Teens Should Avoid This Summer

With the heat wave coming at us, get ready to wave back at it. Don’t let this summer make you suffer, stay fit and enjoy the summer in style. And don’t forget to eat healthy.

By Amruta Deshpande  • 7 min read

8 Unhealthy Foods Teens Should Avoid This Summer

Satyajit Paul, a sixteen-year-old, spends most of his time outdoors with his friends. Now, that the college vacations are in full swing, he spends his free time at home watching television, playing games and eating the various dishes that his mother cooks for him. One day, Satyajit complains of stomach ache and is taken to the doctor. Upon investigation, the doctor finds that Satyajit has been eating spicy and oily food regularly. Eating certain foods is not good during the hot months.

Summer is here and we all are gearing up to beat the heat. With the mercury levels rising, people are in the vacation mode. This is that time of the year we all look forward to. It is during summer when schools remain closed, and often the entire family plans to spend quality time together, either by going out on a vacation or staying at home and indulging the taste buds!

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It is essential to ensure that the food we eat is safe. We all know that we should eat fresh food, specially during summer time as the heat can easily spoil the food. However, we must also make sure that the food we eat don't cause any harm to us.

In summer, with the rising temperature, our body temperature also goes up. So, we should avoid eating things which would increase the heat in our body. Already due to heat, we are getting irritated and exhausted, so it is necessary that we avoid any food which would make it more difficult for us. Here is a list of foods we should avoid during summer:

Non-vegetarian food: Eating numerous non-vegetarian food can produce a lot of heat in your body. Especially during summer, it can cause a lot of sweating and can be harmful. Non-vegetarian food takes a long time to digest and can cause digestive problems. The heat and improper digestion can cause stomach problems like diarrhea and vomiting.

● Spicy food: Spicy food can generate a lot of heat in your body. It can also increase your metabolism, which can lead to indigestion and bloating. Though, spices can improve your food a lot, but too much of spicy food can cause harm to the body. So, it is better to cut down on spicy foods during summer.

● Dairy products: Cheese and butter are food items that can make a meal tastier. Often, we have butter and cheese when we are short on time or too tired to cook up a meal. But, they can also increase the heat in your body. Similarly, though drinking a cold glass of milk can be satisfactory, but it has the same effect on your body. Dairy products can generate a lot of heat in your body and cause stomach ailments.

● Oily food: Having oily food or junk food can cause heat in your body. The heat results in acnes and pimples. Also, junk and processed food makes you dull and lethargic. So, avoid eating fast food such as burgers or fried stuff, as they also take a lot of time to digest.

8 Unhealthy Foods Teens Should Avoid This Summer

● Tea or coffee: We all consume tea and coffee daily. Our days don’t start with these two beverages. But, they are not good during summer. They are hot beverages and can lead to more body heat, which can interfere with our health.

● Alcohol: It is proven that alcohol heats up your body. Alcohol reduces the fluids in the body which causes dehydration. It can also cause heat stroke and reduce the body’s capability to tolerate heat. Instead of alcohol opt for non-alcohol drinks and drink loads of water. And if you are going to drink alcohol, drink water in between.

● Dried fruits: Though they are considered healthy, it is better to reduce intake of dried fruits during summer. Dried fruits have lots of heat and is better suits for winters. It also takes a lot of time to digest. So, avoid them this summer.

● Ice cream: Summer is the best time to eat ice cream, and is preferred option to cool down during hot summer days. Ice cream may seem to have a cooling effect on the body, but on the contrary, it is heating the body. It heats up the stomach and can cause indigestion. It is better to avoid it in summer.

While it these foods are to be avoided in summer, you can always go for fresh fruits to cool down in the summer heat. Instead of ice cream or alcohol, go for fruit juices and non-alcoholic beverages. This summer, enjoy a healthy lifestyle and have fun in style.

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