Balloon Popping Games for Kids And Adults

Floaty, flighty and fantastic fun! Adults also become children again on seeing these bright, beautiful, yet short-lived objects. Balloons, of course! Here are fun party balloon popping games!

By Siddiqha Naseem  • 8 min read

Balloon Popping Games for Kids And Adults

Who doesn't love balloons? From kids to adults, everybody loves playing with these colourful, lighter-than-air objects that are a must-have at children's parties and yes, family get-togethers. And although balloons tend to go 'Pop' much too soon, you can still organise many fun and exciting games or activities with them. For, balloons are an inexpensive route to happiness!

Here are some balloon-popping game ideas for kids and adults to play at parties!

1. Dare to pop the balloon? 

Balloon Popping Games for Kids And Adults

Popping balloons has always been a fun game. Let’s make this easy game a little tricky with some exciting dares. Write some interesting dares on a piece of paper and roll the slips up. Insert each slip into each balloon and blow them up. Sit in groups and take turns to pick a balloon. Pop the balloon to find the dare you have to do. This game increases stage confidence in kids and is also a perfect icebreaker for adults.

Tips: You can add dares such as, sing a song, break into a dance, do a catwalk and so on.

2. Balloon stomping

Balloon Popping Games for Kids And Adults

How can you make a simple run-and-catch game interesting? Here's how. Tie a fully blown balloon to the right leg of every participant using a strong thread or ribbon. The players are left inside a gaming zone within which they have to play. The goal is to save your balloon and stamp or burst the other players' balloons. The player who survive with her balloon intact will be the winner.

3. Shaving the balloon

Balloon Popping Games for Kids And Adults

This is fun a game where a group of participants are provided with fully blown balloons, shaving creams and razors. To play, you have to draw a face that includes a moustache and beard, on every balloon. The objective of the game is to apply shaving cream completely on the moustache and beard of the balloon and then, shave it clean with the razor. The player who bursts the balloon will be eliminated. The one to complete the task at the earliest will emerge as the winner!

4. Blow up the balloon and pop race

This is an appropriate kids birthday party game. While it is very easy, the game ensures that all the children get to run about and play! First, mark a starting line and make the kids stand in two or three groups. Place a table at the end point and keep a sharp object handy to burst balloons. Also, place a bowl filled with balloons ready. When the whistle blows, the kids should walk or run while blowing their balloons. And when they reach the end point, they should burst their balloons and pick a new one from the bowl. They should blow up their new balloons and then pass these on to the next player. The team that finishes first wins. 

Tip: Buy balloons that are easy to blow up as kids might find that a little difficult. Also, make sure kids use the sharp object only with your supervision or help. 

5. Balloon dart!

Balloon Popping Games for Kids And Adults

Take a foam board big enough to fit 10 balloons. Blow up the balloons and pin them onto the board. Make sure you spread them out evenly and there is enough space between the balloons. Mark a starting point, at least 10 feet distance from the board. Players are to pop all the balloon by throwing darts from this starting point. The objective of the game is to pop all the balloons on the board. The player who does so, in the shortest time will be declared the balloon dart champion!

6. Splash the balloons

Balloon Popping Games for Kids And Adults

Regardless of age, a water balloon fights is a fun and adventurous game to play. There are no rules to abide by and it does not hurt anybody. But yes, everyone loves a water balloon fight! All you have to do is fill up as many balloons as you can with water and tie the ends. There are new products in the market that helps you make 200 to 300 water balloons at once. The only rule here is to throw the water balloons at each other and have unlimited fun!

7. Battle of balloons

Balloons and nerf guns? Two extremely different playthings, you might think. Guess what, you can use them together, for an exciting, mock battle! Split your group into two different teams. Each team should be represented by balloons of a particular colour. Every player gets a balloon (tied around their stomach), a nerf gun and enough bullets. The intention of the game is for players of both teams to shoot as many of their opponent's balloons. A player whose balloon has popped cannot remain in the game. The winning team will have the most players (with intact balloons) remaining at the end.  

Tip: Make sure your battlefield is a spacious area. Playing in-house is also fun — players can look for hideouts to attack from.

8. Sunny burst 

Balloon Popping Games for Kids And Adults

This is a fun experimental activity for kids and adults. This game should be played on a bright sunny day using a magnifying glass. Kids and adults can join up to form two or more groups. The intention of the game is to burst as many balloons as possible using the magnifying glass in a given period of time (30 seconds to 60 seconds). This is how it works: When you hold the magnifying glass at an angle such that direct sunlight falls on the balloon, internal pressure rises and causes the walls of the balloon to expand. This causes the balloon to burst.

We bet you didn’t know most of these games. Next time you organise a party for your child or, plan a get-together, surprise your guests, big and small, with these amazing balloon-popping games. Your party will definitely be a super hit!

About the author:

Written by  Siddiqha Naseem on 09 November 2018.

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