8 Fun Back-To-School Activities For Your Child

Your child's school is about to open soon. Here are some fun activities you can do with your child to make him look forward to school.

By Leena Ghosh  • 7 min read

8 Fun Back-To-School Activities For Your Child

“In summer, the song sings itself.” – William Carlos Williams, American Poet

The poet beautifully captures the spirit of summer and what it means to all of us. But, the vacations are almost over and it’s time to get ready for school. While some students look forward to school after a long break and can’t wait to catch up with all their friends, others dread it. For parents as well, the beginning of a new academic session means going back to the grind of packing school lunch boxes and scheduling drop offs and pick-ups, to and from school.

Yes, getting back to the school schedule can be tough. We suggest a few fun activities that you can do with your child to make him look forward to school and get the academic session started on a good note.

Back-to-school activities for your child

1. Wrap some fun

The last week of summer vacation is usually about taking out all the new books and notebooks and wrapping them in shiny new brown sheets. This year, why not go a step ahead and have fun with them? Download some interesting DIY concepts for book covers and enlist your child’s help to make the covers look fun.

2. Craft a fun calendar

Your child’s school might already have provided him his school year calendar, or he might get it as soon as the school opens. Take your child’s help to make a wall calendar for his study room and stick it above his study table. Mark out the ‘fun days’ (annual function, sports day, holidays) and the ‘serious days’ (scheduled tests or exam days) on the calendar. This calendar will not only help you and him plan ahead, it will also give your child a perspective on how a school year is a mix of fun days and the days when he needs to work hard.

3. Stock up on supplies

After brand new books and notebooks, getting new school supplies is the most fun thing to do for a child. A proper school supply closet should have pencils, pens, markers, erasers, a pencil box, glue, chart paper of different colours, name stickers and tape. Ask your child to write down school supply needs for the first six months and then go shopping for them together. Once you have got all you need, pick out a shelf or craft a supply corner in the house and put her in charge of it. Write her name on a brightly coloured sheet of paper and stick it on the wall near the corner.

4. Show off your crafty side

Every child loves to make crafts. And to get him in the mood for school, make some interesting items like pencil and pen holders, customised school boxes and book markers. He will love to take these made-at-home items to school and show it off to his friends.

5. Say 'hello' to homework

School means homework. And that is not a thing any child looks forward to, but has to deal with all the same. You can help by creating a 'homework corner' in your house. This corner can be created in your child's study room or in her bedroom. Write motivational quotes on colourful sticky notes and stick them on the wall. Make sure the space looks lively, colourful and organised. 

6. Get cooking

The way to a child’s heart is through his stomach. Though the original proverb is somewhat different, this version also makes sense. No child can resist a scrumptious meal. Make a list, along with your child, of special dishes he would like to eat for lunch. Plan for two weeks and watch your child drool with the promise of delicacies in store for him. You can always add handwritten notes to his lunch box just to surprise him.

7. Start a new tradition

If you don't already have a back-to-school tradition, you can start one this year. Make a school scrapbook for your child and put pictures of all important days like, her first day back at school or sports day and annual day in it. This book will capture all the special moments of her school life and it will be fun to look back on the years together with your child. 

8. Read up a storm

There are many 'back-to-school' and 'first-day-at-school' books available for children who go to preschool or the kindergarten. Read your little one a different 'back-to-school' story every night during the last week of her summer vacation. This will not only help you bond with your child but also make her realise that going to school is actually something to look forward to.

It's okay if your child is a little apprehensive about going back to school. However, if he feels terrified at the prospect, he might be experiencing something more serious than 'back-to-school' jitters. He might be getting bullied and is scared of saying anything to you. Try to calmly talk to him about what's really worrying him and share your concerns with the school, so they could also look into the matter. 

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