7 Tips to Follow When Taking Your Toddler to the Movies

Planning to take your toddler to a movie? Well, ‘planning’ is the keyword if you want to make it an enjoyable outing!

By Ram Shankar

7 Tips to Follow When Taking Your Toddler to the Movies

Taking your toddler to a movie can sometimes turn out to be a nightmarish experience. But, take heart! If you’re well-prepared, it can be an experience you will cherish. Here are some tips you can follow.

1. Choose the right kind of movie

The movie Transformers may well be a treat for you but definitely not for your toddler. Avoid movies that show a lot of violence or are too loud. You certainly don’t want your toddler to get frightened. Also, her ears are sensitive and are not ready for excessive noise levels.

2. Choose a time when your toddler is not very cranky

You know your toddler’s routine. Choose the show timing keeping in mind the times when your toddler generally feels at ease. Even better, choose the time when he usually takes a nap. However, if you are choosing his nap time, then keep Tip 1 in mind. Excessive noise will disturb his nap and he might get really cranky.

3. Choose your seats wisely

You can choose the seats when you buy the tickets online. Even if you buy them at the box office, you can let them know that you are watching the movie with your toddler and ask for a seat that will suit you. When you sit near the wall, you get some space where she can walk around when she gets a little restless.

If your toddler cries or becomes cranky in the middle of the movie, then you need to be prepared to carry her out for a while. If you know there is a possibility of this happening, choose a seat near the aisle so that you can walk out with her easily without causing much disturbance to others.

4. Don’t sit near the screen

When viewed from close, the images on the screen can look really scary to your toddler. Imagine his reaction when he sees the roaring King Kong very close to his face! For you too, the whole experience can be literally 'a pain in your neck'.

5. Bring a lot of snacks

Give her simple finger foods like cookies, popcorn, chips and fruits while watching the movie. This will keep her busy. Don’t give her too much to drink though, unless you don’t mind taking her to the restroom often! 

6. Engage him with some toys

Toddlers don’t watch movies like we do. They don’t always follow the plot, characters and the dialogue. They look up when something that interests them is shown on the screen, but they soon turn their attention to something else, such as their shoes, your handbag, the hairclip of the lady in the front seat, etc. So, take along some simple toys and give them to your toddler to play with. They will keep him engaged.

7. Be prepared to leave in the middle

If your toddler becomes cranky and starts crying, and you’re unable to pacify her, leave the theatre immediately. Don’t force her to watch the movie just because you want to watch it till the end. You will not only be making it difficult for her and but will also be disturbing other viewers in the process.

So, the next time a suitable movie comes along, follow these tips and bravely take your toddler along. You’re sure to have a wonderful time together!