7 Reasons Why Lifestyle Diseases Are On The Rise

Do you know that the time you spend on watching television could lead to diseases? Here are seven reasons behind the rise of lifestyle diseases and ways to prevent it.

By Monali Bordoloi  • 7 min read

7 Reasons Why Lifestyle Diseases Are On The Rise
Exercise is must to prevent lifestyle diseases

Marketing professional Saurish Inamdar is diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension in his late thirties. The doctor blamed his lifestyle for it. Saurish often ate outside food and rarely did any physical activities. Due to his work schedule, he slept at odd hours too. All these took a toll on his health.

Saurish is not alone. A sedentary lifestyle is the root cause of many diseases which are affecting us from a much younger age. The diseases which are the result of your lifestyle are known as lifestyle diseases. Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, gastrointestinal diseases, obesity, heart disease, blockage in arteries, stroke - all these come under lifestyle diseases.

7 reasons for the rise of lifestyle diseases

1. Diet: Our choice of food often leads to a rise of lifestyle diseases. If your diet is poorly balanced, it could lead to many health problems. Avoid too many calories and cook food in a way so that you can retain nutrition in the food.

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How to prevent it: Go for balanced nutritious meals.

2. Physical activity: Becoming a couch potato is not good for your health. Go for any physical activity regularly and encourage kids to be active too.

How to prevent it: Go for walks regularly.

3. Drug abuse, smoking, and alcohol drinking: Lifestyle choices like drugs abuse, smoking and drinking without limit impact our health. These are the root causes of many diseases like liver cirrhosis.

How to prevent it: Ditch these bad habits. 

4. Stress: Our hectic lifestyle, work pressure, family commitments causes stress. A little bit of stress is inevitable in everyone’s life, but if you are not managing your stress well, it can result in many health issues, from diabetes to acid reflux.

How to prevent it: Everyone deals with stress differently, learn to apply stress management techniques to manage stress. It could be music, pursuing a hobby, spending time with family, etc.

5. Poor posture: Those who work in an office, spends a lot of time in their chairs. Even bad posture and watching TV for a long time can lead to health issues in the long run.

How to prevent it: Get up from work and move around every half and hour. Avoid sitting in one place for a long time.

6. Timings for food and rest: Due to our work and other commitments, our timings for food, rest all goes for a toss. This disruption in our biological clock leads to many lifestyle diseases. 

How to prevent it: Try to follow a routine of eating and sleeping as much as you can. Taking meals on time helps our digestive system a lot.

7. Sleep: Studies prove that lack of sleep is linked to a host of diseases. If you are not getting enough sleep due to your daily schedules, try to change your routines.  

How to prevent it: Limit your TV watching. Set a routine time for sleep and eat.

Doctor Speak:

Dr Binoy John, Director and Head of Dept of Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology, MIOT International, Chennai says, “Families are hard-pressed for time when it comes to taking care of their health. As a cardiologist, I am seeing an alarming trend of heart-attacks in younger age groups, in their 30s and 40s! People have become lazy than before, right from the childhood. Even, school-going students hardly play outdoors these days. Lack of activity and poor dietary habits and fast-food culture have added fuel to the fire.”

He adds, “Regular exercise is the single best antidote for the prevention of diabetes and hypertension and many such lifestyle disorders. It is the best way to de-stress daily. Keeping a tab on your weight, it will help you keep many diseases at bay.Overweight people are at higher risk of developing health problems like heart diseases, blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones.”

How to prevent diseases in children:

Dr Rajesh Kesavan, consultant podiatrist surgeon, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, says, “Lifestyle diseases like diabetes are taking a huge toll on our population. It has almost reached epidemic proportions."

He adds, "To prevent this, children should be taught the importance of a healthy lifestyle from an early age. It should include good eating habits, reduced intake of fast foods and sweetened beverages. Teaching them the importance of physical activity and encourage them to actively take part in sports and outdoor activities. Encourage them to eat more of fresh vegetables and fruits.”

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