7 Natural Teeth Whitening Tips

Are you worried about your yellowing teeth? Do you want white teeth? Read on to know how you can get your pearly whites back by following these simple natural remedies.

By Monali Bordoloi  • 7 min read

7 Natural Teeth Whitening Tips
Use apple cider vinegar to whiten your teeth 

13-year-old Samyukta Hedge gets conscious whenever she smiles as she is afraid it will expose her yellow teeth. Seeing this, her mother suggests Samyukta to try some home remedies to whiten her teeth naturally. 

Like Samyukta, many of us have yellowish teeth. When we have a build-up of staining compound over our teeth, our teeth looks yellowish and dull. Some food also reacts with the outer layer of the teeth, enamel and contributes to them becoming yellow. You can visit your dentist for whitening. But if you want to avoid chemicals, try out some home remedies to whiten your teeth gradually.

Here are 10 natural ways to deal with yellowish teeth and make them whiter:

1. Baking Soda: Baking soda is a natural whitening agent. It can scrub away build-up from the surface of the teeth.

How to do it: Mix some baking soda with water or lime juice, make it into a paste. Now, dip your brush in the paste and brush your teeth as usual. Use it on alternate days, for at least two months to see better results. After that, use it just once a week, as prolonged use of baking soda is not good for the teeth.

2. Coconut oil pulling: It is an ancient Ayurveda method, prescribed for better oral hygiene. You can use other oils like sesame oil for this. However, pure coconut oil is suggested as it is good for whitening.

How to do it: Take one tablespoon of oil in your mouth and swish it in the mouth for 20 minutes. (If you want, you can start with two teaspoons of oil and swish it for five minutes.) Then, rinse with either warm plain water or salted water.

3. Banana peels: Ripe bananas have minerals like potassium, magnesium, and manganese. These minerals are very good to remove stains and can make your teeth whiter.

How to do it: Peel a ripe banana, tear a small piece from that peel and rub it off on the yellowish teeth. Once, you are done, brush your teeth.

4. Lemon peel: You can use lemon peel powder to whiten your teeth. It is known to have whitening properties. You can also try orange peel instead of lemon peel.

How to do it: Dry lemon peels and make a powder out of it. Rub some lemon peel powder on the surface of your teeth to remove the stains. Or, you can put a pinch of this powder over your regular toothpaste.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is considered very good to remove yellowish tinge as it has antibacterial properties.

How to do it: Rinse your mouth for five minutes with apple cider vinegar to remove plaque build-up.

6. Strawberries: The malic and citric acid present in strawberries is a natural emulsifier. It helps remove stains and plaque from the surface of the teeth.

How to do it: Take three-four ripe strawberries in a utensil, mash or grind to make a paste. Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to make your whitening toothpaste. Use this paste few times every week. A longer period of use will give better results. You can also use this paste with a fluoride-based toothpaste. Rinse after use as tiny seeds of strawberry can get caught in your teeth.

7. Fruits and vegetables: Apart from a host of other benefits, eat fruits and vegetables to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Some fruits and vegetables act as a cleaning agent because they help scrap the surface of the teeth and keep plaque away. 

How to do it: Chew crunchy, raw fruits and vegetables as it will help in removing stains and plaque away.

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Word of caution: Both baking soda and apple cider vinegar should not be used daily for whitening teeth, as overuse can erode the enamel of the teeth.

How to prevent teeth stains: 

If you follow the steps given below, you can prevent getting stains.

  1. Brush regularly after food. Brushing and flossing reduce bacteria and prevent plaque build-up.
  2. Beverages like tea, coffee, soda, red wine are known to stain teeth. Rinse your mouth with plain water after drinking these.
  3. Smoking and tobacco use stain teeth. Avoid these if you want whiter teeth.
  4. Limit the amount of time these staining foods stay inside your mouth.
  5. Cut down on sugary food if you want your teeth to be sparkly white. A diet high in sugar supports the growth of bacteria which causes plaque and gingivitis (Inflammation of the gums).
  6. Always brush your teeth after a sugary treat.
  7. Eat a diet rich in calcium, it’s good for your teeth health. 

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