7 Little-Known Benefits Of Rosemary Oil

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Instead of popping a pill, try the Rosemary essential oil. Read on to know about little-known benefits of this amazing oil.

By Monali Bordoloi  • 6 min read

7 Little-Known Benefits Of Rosemary Oil

Jayanth recently bought one room diffuser to get rid of the stale smell of his bedroom. As he was searching for an essential oil to go with the diffuser, he stumbled upon Rosemary oil. Jayanth was surprised to know that Rosemary oil is not only used to freshen up a room but has many other amazing health benefits.

One of the finest smelling herbs, Rosemary is used since time immemorial. Considered as a sacred plant by the ancient the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, the dried or fresh Rosemary herbs are an essential part of cooking in western countries. With needle-like leaves, its flowers can be pink, white, purple or blue. Also known as Thalisabatri, Rosemary is widely used in Siddha medicine (a system of traditional medicine mainly practised in South India) to treat respiratory disorders.

The oil extracted from Rosemary herb contains many nutrients and antioxidants. The fresh flowers of the evergreen herb are distilled with steam to extract the oil. Due to its antiseptic properties, Rosemary oil is used in many skin and hair products.

Here are seven benefits of Rosemary oil:

1. Stimulates hair growth: Are you suffering from hair fall and poor hair growth? Rosemary oil can provide the answer. Apply few drops of the oil on your scalp to stimulate hair growth. Rosemary oil is good for removing dandruff too. If you want thick hair, add a few drops of the oil to a tablespoon of castor oil and few drops of coconut oil. Massage it well into your hair and scalp.

2. Enhances mood and relieves stress: Rosemary oil is said to put you in a good mood and relieve tension. Put few drops of the essential oil in an aroma diffuser in your bedroom. And relax with some music. You can also indulge in some aromatherapy with rosemary oil.

3. Improves memory power: Are you becoming forgetful of late? Try some Rosemary essential oil as several studies suggest that sniffing few drops of the essential oil improves memory. It is good for concentration too. Put some Rosemary oil in an aroma diffuser in your child’s study room.

4. Relieves pain: Do you often suffer from muscle pains and body aches? Massage the affected areas with some Rosemary essential oil. The essential oil will reduce the swelling and pain from the area. It has analgesic power which reduces pain. It is also used to treat joint pains, sprains, rheumatism and arthritis-related pain.

5. Reduces migraine pain: If you suffer from frequent headaches, Rosemary oil will be a boon for you. As Rosemary oil is known to relieve pains, it works very well for headaches. Take few drops of the oil in your palm and rub them for few seconds. Cover your nose and mouth with the palm of your hand and take few deep breaths.

6. Reduces wrinkles: Worried about wrinkles on your face? Apply some Rosemary oil to get the youthful glow in your skin. The oil works well for acne too. It is also been used to remove the under-eye puffiness. Rosemary oil is known to act as an anti-ageing agent too.

7. Repels mosquitoes: Are you tired of swatting mosquitoes while sitting outdoors? Do you know that Rosemary oil is an excellent mosquito and insect repellent? The camphor in the oil acts as a deterrent for mosquitoes.

To introduce the benefits of Rosemary oil in your home, add few drops of the oil in a room or reed diffuser. Also, keep the oil handy to get relief from pain quickly. The pleasant aroma of the oil will put you in a good mood and help you get rid of a host of ailments. 

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