6 Ways to Use Praise to Motivate Your Child

Praising your child is a wonderful way of expressing your love for her. But, do you refrain from praising her even when it is due? If so, read on to know how to express admiration for your child.

By S Balabarathi  • 5 min read

6 Ways to Use Praise to Motivate Your Child

A little bit of praise can go a long way. This holds true especially when it concerns children. But, some parents fail to understand this fact. They give excuses and reasons, either for not praising their children or praising them excessively. The reason why some parents behave in such a manner is that they don’t know how to express their appreciation to their children. Let’s take a look at 6 ways in which parents can use praise as a tool to effectively encourage and support their children:

1. Be sincere with your praise: If your child draws a circle with four legs and calls it an elephant. Then, instead of criticising or praising his creativity, suggest ways of improving it. Appreciate his effort and tell him that although what he has drawn doesn’t resemble an elephant, it’s still a good start. Also, tell him that, with constant practice, he will one day be able to draw perfectly.

2. Praise good habits: Whenever your child adheres to and practises good habits like honesty, kindness, trustworthiness and loyalty, praise her generously. At the same time, don’t hesitate to censure her for any wrongdoing.

6 Ways to Use Praise to Motivate Your Child

3. Praise his efforts: If your child fails to succeed in spite of putting in a great deal of effort, don’t rebuke him. You know how hard he has tried. So, praise him for all the sincere effort he has put in. This will encourage him to try harder to succeed in his next attempt.

4. Praise perfection: If your child does something perfectly, praise her wholeheartedly. For example, while helping out in the kitchen, if she cuts vegetables in perfect-sized pieces, appreciate it. This will encourage her to always do things well and follow the highest standards.

5. Praise his friends: It’s not just your child, but also his friends who should be praised. Praising his friends for their good deeds and efforts will make your child feel happy and motivated. It will also make him understand that you respect his friends.

6. Express praise through gifts: Although, praise is a reward in itself, you can occasionally gift your child with something to show your admiration. Gifts can also include small amounts of money, which you can encourage your child to save and spend with caution; this would also help her learn the basics of financial management.

So, be open and ready to praise your child for all her good deeds. Your words and actions of praise and appreciation will make her happy and motivate her to become a better person.