6 Offbeat Hobbies for Your Child

Hobbies keep children busy and kindle their creativity. But, normal is boring even when it comes to hobbies. So how about encouraging your child to try one of these offbeat hobby ideas?

By V Saravana Kumar  • 7 min read

6 Offbeat Hobbies for Your Child

Nowadays, children suffer from high levels of stress, as they spend most of their time on studies. This also makes them feel bored and they always look forward to doing something interesting. Taking up a hobby is one of the best ways for children to be engaged in something they love to do and at the same time beat stress. Hobbies are not just fun, they can also act as great influencers in the lives of children.

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From painting to stamp collection, and origami to book reading, there are countless hobbies. But, for those children who are looking for something beyond the ordinary, here are six offbeat hobby ideas to choose from:

  1. Egg shell carving: Eggs aren’t meant for making omelettes alone. They can be used as hobby ideas too. Egg shell carving is an art in itself, and is indulged in by many throughout the world. First, the egg shell is emptied of all its contents using an egg blower. The shell is then washed with water and dried. Then, an outline of a drawing is made on the shell using a pencil. Finally, the shell is carved using a carving tool to get the finished art work. Although this hobby needs some meticulous carving skills, a child with passion and patience can learn it with time. Adult supervision is compulsory since this hobby involves using a sharp tool.
  2. Mushroom cultivation: Gardening is passé, mushroom cultivation is the current trend. Cultivating those tiny and fluffy umbrellas that grow out of nowhere is fast becoming a hobby across the globe. The fact that mushrooms also make for a delicious meal makes it even more fascinating. Get your child trained by a qualified and experienced mushroom expert before helping him set him up his own ‘little farm’. Mushrooms can even be grown in small crates, which makes it very practical and convenient. Who knows, this might even take off as a potential business in the future.
  3. Soap carving: If your child is good in fine arts, especially carving and sculpting, this one’s for her. Soap is a wonderful medium to explore and carve out various figures. Any bar of soap (preferably bathing soap) can be used. Your child needs to train under an expert, to learn the skills of using various tools (mostly wooden) to carve out beautiful sculptures from soap.
  4. Paper collage making: Newspaper and magazines not only provide news and information. They are also a treasure trove of colourful and attractive pictures. Do you know they can be used to make beautiful collages? A collage is an artwork that’s created by cutting sheets of newspaper and magazines into random shapes and pasting them to form an image. All your child needs is some creativity and a sense of aesthetics, and he can easily learn the art and pursue it as a hobby.
  5. Crossword solving: Does your child have a fascination for words? If so, she can take to solving crosswords. Most top dailies and magazines feature crossword puzzles regularly and you can encourage your child to solve them. Not only is this a healthy hobby, but also fosters your child’s language skills and builds her vocabulary. This might even be the first step to get your child interested in creative writing.
  6. Graphic designing: Heard it somewhere, right? Well, this might not sound offbeat, but can still be a good choice for your child to take up as a hobby. Send your child to a training institute to learn the basics of some graphic designing software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Once he has learnt enough, he can indulge in his hobby at home. This is a wonderful way of spending time creatively and usefully.

Identify your child’s interests and skills and help her choose a hobby that allows her to showcase her talent. Also, remember that a hobby of today can even turn out to be a flourishing career tomorrow. 

About the author:

Written by V Saravana Kumar on 16 June 2017.

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