6 Fun Ways to Teach Colours to Preschoolers (3–5 years old)

We use colours to decorate, depict our feelings, send out messages and what not. Help your child learn colours to express himself in different ways.

By Arun Sharma  • 3 min read

6 Fun Ways to Teach Colours to Preschoolers  (3–5 years old)

Do bright colours attract your child? Does he have a favourite colour? Does he want to play with toys of various colours? I’m sure your answer would be a ‘yes’ to these questions. Recognising and identifying the various colours is an important step in his development.

But, as a parent of a toddler, have you ever wondered about the best way of teaching colours to toddlers?

Using fun ways to help your child learn colours will make the task easier for you and interesting for him. Here are a few simple and fun ways of teaching colours to toddlers.

1. Play water and sand games: Your child loves playing messy games with colours, doesn’t she? By mixing colours not only does she learn about colours but also develops her sensorimotor skills. Give her small bowls of water of different colours. Ask her to transfer the contents of one bowl into another. Alternatively, you can also prepare portions of sand of different colours by mixing each portion with one colour. Then, you can ask your child to mix the different coloured portions of sand.

2. Have mealtime fun: Dice fruits of different colours like an apple, an orange, a banana and a pineapple. For snacks, give your child a few pieces of each fruit on a plate and a challenge as well. Ask him to sort the pieces of the same colour and then finish of his snack. Also, during mealtimes, ask him to name the colours of the different preparations.

3. Dress her up: Colourful outfits of their choice are the favourite of children. Tell your child to arrange her dresses according to their colour in the closet. And, when it’s time to change her dress, ask her to name the colour of the dress she would like to wear. One of the fun yet best ways to teach colours to your child.

4. Take advantage of technology: Gadgets are now an inseparable part of our lives and there are several apps for introducing colours to toddlers. Some of the apps to teach colours to your kids are ‘Learn Colors with Eggs’, ‘Learning Colors for Kids’, and ‘Kids Learn Colors’. However, when you give your child gadgets like smartphones and tablet, make sure that it is only for a short period. Else, there is a danger of your child developing an addiction to gadgets.

5. Go for a nature walk: Nature is full of colours, with different flowers blooming during different seasons. Go with your child to the park or a nearby garden where there are a variety of flowers. Encourage your child to smell the flowers and tell their colour. And, while she is observing the flowers, you can tell her something about the flowers.

6. Make a colour wheel: Take a polystyrene plate and divide its surface into triangles of equal area by drawing lines through the centre. Now give your child some crayons and ask him to colour each triangle with a different colour. This is one of the most simple games to teach colours to children.

Colours are an inseparable part of our lives — from our clothes to traffic lights, they are everywhere. So, it is important for your child to learn about colours. And, who can teach colours the best way? Of course, it’s you.

About the author:

Written by Arun Sharma on 28 August 2017; updated on 2 November 2020

The author was associated with the healthcare industry before becoming a full-time writer and editor. A doting father to two preteens, he believes in experiential learning for his children. Also, he loves mountain trekking and nature trips.

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