5 Ways To Make Your Home Pest-Free For Your Child

Every child deserves to grow in a clean environment. We might not be able to control the things our children encounter outdoors, but we have full control over what goes on inside our own homes

By Team ParentCircle

5 Ways To Make Your Home Pest-Free For Your Child

One of the biggest threats that kids face inside the house are pests. They can range from tiny ants and termites to something as big as a rat and more. They are carriers of disease and destruction no matter what their size is, and have to be dealt with a lot of caution.

Children are particularly susceptible to picking up illnesses quickly. Knowing this, it is better to prevent your residence from becoming a shelter for pests rather than solving the problem of an infestation when it rears its ugly head. So here are some ways in which you can prevent pests from entering your home.

1. Keep your house clean

The first step in your fight against pests is to maintain a clean house. Vermin have a field day in an unclean home. So don’t let clutter build up at any cost. Give your house a thorough cleaning every day if possible. Your cleaning routine should include sweeping and mopping the floor (ideally with a disinfectant), wiping down all the surfaces, cleaning all the rugs, furniture and carpets and dusting the roof. You must also not leave any food lying around the house. Doing these will not only get rid of the pests, but will also improve the general well-being of your family.

2. Maintain a clutter-free kitchen

The kitchen has all the right ingredients for pests to prosper. The warmth, moisture and food present here makes it one of the ideal spots in your house for an infestation. So, no matter how tired you are at the end of the day, don’t leave any dishes unwashed in your sink. This is akin to leaving a calling card for the cockroaches and their other pest friends. Ensure that all the eatables are kept in air-tight, fully sealed containers. Keeping your kitchen spotless will ensure that you are not in for a nasty surprise the next morning.

5 Ways To Make Your Home Pest-Free For Your Child

3. Block all entry points

If you give these critters even the smallest of openings in to your house, an outbreak is not too far away. Sealing all the little holes, cracks and any other form of opening in and around your house will do you a ton of good in the fight against these creepy crawlies. While you are at it, get your plumbing work sorted and fix all the leaky plumbing around the house. Cutting off an unnecessary source of moisture will work in your favour.

4. Dispose garbage effectively

Vermin are attracted to garbage like a moth to a flame. Disposing garbage in an effective and timely manner is the key to combating this attraction. Dispose your garbage every day without fail. You can also wash the cans and other things that you intend to dispose before throwing them into the garbage bin. You can also give your garbage can a good wash. You might be disposing garbage diligently, but some might still remain in the bin and this will attract unwanted visitors. You must also remember to keep your waste bin sealed and secured at all times.

5. Take care of your pets

Pets are a beloved part of the family. They are also loved by pests for obvious reasons (think warmth and a source of nourishment). Pets have a whole ecosystem of their own on their fur and body. But this does not mean that you keep your little pup away from the kids. All you have to do is get your pets cleaned and vaccinated at regular intervals. Consult your vet to make sure that your pets don’t get infested with ticks and any other ailments. Also remember to keep their food in a place where pests don’t get access to them. Ants and many other pests feast on pet food, and so it is in your best interest to not leave pet food lying around the house unattended.

Besides these pointers you would also do well to get your house inspected periodically to ensure that any infestation you might have missed can be dealt with by professionals. Just make sure that the chemicals used are not harmful to you and your family.