5 Reasons To Teach Team Spirit To Children

We need the support of others around us to lead a healthy and successful life. Let’s look at reasons to foster team spirit in children.

By Arun Sharma

5 Reasons To Teach Team Spirit To Children

Working together as a group to accomplish a task has a charm of its own. This is evident when we watch our cricket team. It is team spirit that makes them bond together as a unit and play for a win. Not only humans, but also animals display team spirit in the form of living in a herd or hunting in a group. Read on to know more about why it is so important to foster team spirit in our children.

  1. Increases productivity: Team spirit fosters a sense of belonging in every member of the team and inspires them to work together effectively to achieve their common goal. It motivates and stimulates members of a team to be efficient and productive.
  2. Builds friendship: This feeling binds the members of a team together and helps to build friendship among them. Being friends prevents the team members from being overtly affected by success or failure they may encounter while pursuing a common goal. They continue to remain friends because they enjoy each other’s company. In fact, sometimes, friendship among members of a team can last a lifetime.
  3. Promotes empathy and thoughtfulness: “Can’t you return it tomorrow? You must be tired after coming back from school,” said Vinita. Her eight-year-old son wanted to return his football teammate and friend’s notebook that he had accidentally brought home. “Mom, he has to prepare for the text next week and he’ll need it.” Saying that he stepped out and was gone. Did you understand what just happened? Vinita’s son is being thoughtful. He knows that not being able to prepare for the test may land his friend in trouble. This is what team spirit is all about. It helps promote empathy and thoughtfulness. These two emotions are very important for every human being.
  4. Encourages frankness: In a team, members cooperate with and encourage each other. They help each other overcome their weaknesses, and work with integrity and honesty to achieve their target. It is not possible to do all this without being frank and open with team members, as well as being open to accepting other’s opinions and advice.
  5. Helps control anger: Without team spirit, after suffering a loss, members of a team may point accusing fingers at each other, which can eventually lead to angry outbursts. During such moments, it is team spirit that helps members of a team keep their anger under control and support each other.

Team spirit is essential to remain a part of the society. Children start learning this basic skill at home by observing their parents. So, try to set a good example of team spirit at home. When your children see you share a healthy relationship with your spouse and work closely as a team, they will also pick up this attitude. Encouraging your children to play group games or sharing things with others are also some other ways of fostering team spirit.

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