5 Career Opportunities For Computer Science Graduates

If your child is interested in computer science, here are some new, yet lucrative career options you can look at.

By Jasmine Kaur

5 Career Opportunities For Computer Science Graduates

Children, today, learn how to operate machines faster than we ever did. The increase in exposure to technology and computers from a young age has made children tech-savvy and good at adapting to technological upgrades. This is one of the reasons why a career in computer science is a very popular choice. That it is also financially rewarding, is a bonus.

If your child is interested in computers and coding, we tell you about exciting opportunities she can look into, other than software engineering. Some of these career choices are also very lucrative, as they are comparatively new and high in demand.

5 top careers in computer science

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the intelligence that machines demonstrate, as compared to the human intellect. A device is an intelligent agent if it can observe its surroundings and act accordingly, to maximise its chances of achieving its goals. There is a lot of research going on in the field of AI, with more companies investing in it to enhance the customer experience.

Machine learning, which is an application in AI, is also becoming a popular subject that many pursue for a career. The application basically allows machines to learn and improve from experience, with minimal human intervention.

Job prospects: Some of the more popular jobs in this field are —

  • Machine Learning Engineer 
  • Data Scientist
  • Research Scientist
  • Research and Development Engineer 
  • Computer Vision Engineer

Courses available: Some of the colleges and universities offering postgraduate courses in AI and Robotics are — 

  • Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
  • Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai
  • Aegis School of Business, Data Science, Cyber Security and Telecommunication, Bengaluru

Colleges offering graduate courses are — 

  • IILM University (Institute for Integrated Learning in Management), Gurugram
  • Sandip University, Bihar

2. Human-Computer Interaction

As the name suggests, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is a multidisciplinary subject, which primarily deals with how computers are designed and how the interaction between computer technology and humans takes place and develops. With an increase in the number of gadgets like smartphones, laptops and virtual assistants, there is a rising need for better interaction between humans and computers. It is both an academic and design discipline, where the former studies how people interact with computer technology and the latter focuses on creating technology that makes the interaction seamless. Forbes even lists the master’s in HCI as one of the top 25 master’s degrees with the highest earning potential.

Job prospects: Some of the popular job titles in HCI include —

  • Visual Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • User Experience Researcher
  • Accessibility Engineer 
  • Cognitive Systems Engineer

Courses available: Some of the colleges and universities offering postgraduate courses are — 

  • Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad
  • Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences, Chennai

3. Extended Reality

An exciting subgroup of HCI, this deals with virtual, augmented and mixed reality. This is an industry in its nascent stage, which holds a lot of promise. Many companies now use these technologies to enhance their product experience and attract new customers. Whether it’s manufacturing self-driven cars or using the technology in gaming, there is a high demand for the application of extended reality worldwide.

Job prospects: Some of the jobs in the field are —

  • Software Engineer
  • 3-D Professional
  • Augmented Reality Developer
  • 3-D Game Developer
  • Consultant AR
  • VR designer
  • Unity Developer

Courses available: There are not many degrees in India that focus only on extended reality. However, this option can be pursued under an HCI degree or a degree that combines game development and extended reality. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, Nagpur, offers a certificate cpurse in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

4. Blockchains

Blockchains are a decentralised way of securing information. This is an expanding field in computer technology and is in demand. Some practical applications include cryptocurrencies (example bitcoin and ethereum), cloud computing, etc.

Job prospects: Some of the more popular job titles in this field are — 

  • Blockchain project manager
  • Blockchain developer
  • Blockchain quality engineer
  • Blockchain legal consultant/attorney
  • Blockchain designer
  • Blockchain engineer

Courses available: There aren’t any degrees that are just for blockchains in India. Interested students can pursue a course through advanced online platforms, like Udacity, along with a degree in computer science.

5. Robotics

Robotics is the study of robots and is in huge demand, with many industrial processes becoming automated. The study combines aspects of computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Today, we can see the use of robots in factories and even in medical surgeries. Many schools in India have introduced a basic course in robotics to make children more aware about the subject.

Job prospects: Some of the jobs in this field are —

  • Robotics Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Robotics Technician
  • Robotics Sales Engineer
  • Robotics Operator

Courses available: Some of the colleges and universities offering postgraduate courses in robotics are — 

  • Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad
  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai 
  • MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bengaluru

Other popular courses in computer science are —

  • IT Security Professional
  • Video Game Designer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Health Information Technician
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Web developer

The field of computer science is constantly witnessing a change. With more development and innovations, newer job avenues are being created for professionals every day. So, encourage your child to think out-of-the-box and look at the various options available in the job market.

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