5 Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

The moment you realise you are going to become a dad, you are filled with excitement, anxiety and apprehension. Reading these books will prepare you to don the role of dad.

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5 Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

Learning that you are soon to become a parent is an overwhelming realisation and the world seems to shift and slide under your feet. While the pregnant woman has enough and more attention, the dad-to-be is often ignored. Here are a few books to give the Dada’s out there a fair chance to understand what to expect.

1.Daddy: The Birth of a Father—Tuhin Sinha

Gone are the days when watching the baby was just the mother’s job. Indian men today are breaking the gender stereotype by really stepping up to the challenges of fatherhood and loving every moment of it. This book is designed for the new-age daddy who wants to be just as involved in the life of his newborn and is not weary of getting down with the dirty diapers and the night-long vigils for his precious bundle of joy. With first-person accounts, the book provides a rare and refreshing insight into the concerns, challenges, milestones, trials, and rewards of becoming a father. The book also addresses how the coming of a baby changes the dynamics of a couple’s relationship.

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2. Your Pregnancy for the Father-to-Be: Everything Dads Need to Know About Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Getting Ready for a New Baby—Glade B Curtis and Judith Schuler

The moment that a man finds out he is about to be a father is one of the most defining of all for him. This book addresses all the stages of pregnancy as seen from the point of view of the dad-to-be. It addresses the most relevant concerns for the father-to-be, for whom the time is just as exciting, emotional and anxiety-ridden as it is for the mom. This book illustrates some of the common pregnancy and prenatal care terminology, and what the prospective dad can expect at every stage of the pregnancy. It also handles delicate topics such as the emotional upheaval of being a father, relationship with the spouse, and how to be a support during this time.

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3. The Little Big Book for Dads—Eds. Lena Tabori  and H Clark Wakabayashi 

A supplement to the best-selling, ‘The Little Big Book for Moms’, this book is a warm, wholesome, fuzzy compilation of stories, poetry, rhymes, anecdotes, recipes and even activities for the soon-to-be dad. Featuring authors as diverse as Bill Cosby, Dr Seuss, Ogden Nash, and Shel Silverstein, the book also features illustrations by Jessie Wilcox Smith and Kate Greenway. The book is a lovely reading experience for a new dad.

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4.New Dad’s Survival Guide—Scott Mactavish

Throw caution to the winds and brace for impact, here is a guide for dads that totally nails it (no pun intended)!! This military-style guide is a step-by-step walk through the terrifying, confusing and highly volatile period of pregnancy. The book cuts to the chase without going into complicated and completely baffling medical mumbo-jumbo and gets hilariously close to the exact things a guy would be worrying about at the respective stage of pregnancy. The book has a number of rib-tickling chapters apart from dozens of essential terms being defined. In short, the book has all the stuff that has new dads running around in circles!

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5.Checklists for the New Dad: The Expectant Father's Guide to Pregnancy, Delivery, and Baby's First Year—Joe Deyo

Okay, so you have read all the pregnancy guides that money can buy, but even with all of the information, you have no idea what to do? This book is for the hands-on father, who wants to be prepared with an actual game plan. So, in addition to all the critical information about how the pregnancy, delivery and post-partum care happens, this book also provides at the end of each chapter some quick and handy tips. The book also takes you through the exact role of the father in each stage and how you can look like a pro and floor you wife by staying ahead of the curve. Learn how to plan your home, head and wallet for the new baby!

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Fatherhood is one heck of a journey filled with joys, trials, surprises and complete emotional upheaval. Being involved in the earliest days of your baby can be an incredibly beautiful experience for you and your family.

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