5 Life Lessons Pokemon Games Teach Me

There is more to video games than just the game mechanics. A teenager tells us about the life lessons it teaches him. Surprised? Read on for more.

By Atreyu Samuel Balasundaram

I see him squirming in his chair, like a teapot about to blow its whistle. I catch him peering over the paper to see what I’m up to. And what is that you ask? Draped slothfully across the living room couch, I have my Nintendo 3DS up-close to my face, feverishly thumbing my way through a challenging level in Pokémon Moon – a game in the Pokémon franchise. It does not help my case that it is past noon, and I’m still in my pyjamas. Parents…don't judge me. I just finished my exams and am entitled to laze around a bit. After all, you see, I earned this time to play my favourite video game. If I get good grades, I get to play my game for a fixed time every day. I kept my promise and it is their turn now.

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