5 Grandad-Grandchild Activities For Good Health

Some of the best memories of childhood involve playing with grandad. Not only does engaging in any activity strengthen the bond between the two but it promotes good health as well.

By Ashwin Dewan  • 7 min read

5 Grandad-Grandchild Activities For Good Health

In today’s fast-paced life, parents often do not have time to play with their children. Endless and hectic work hours coupled with other responsibilities mean they are hard-pressed for time. In such a scenario, a granddad can emerge as a saviour.

Grandparents today are more involved in the life of their grandchildren. From dropping and picking their grandchildren from school, fixing lunch and telling bedtime stories – the bond between a grandparent and a grandchild is a special one.

According to a parenting website, children today might be hooked to cell phones and video games. However, this does not imply that you can’t interest them in some non-tech activity. This article looks at five activities that a granddad can enjoy together with his grandchild. These activities strengthen the bond between them and are healthy as well.

1) Taking a hike

As a granddad, an exciting and healthy activity that you can do with your grandchild is going on a hike. No matter how old your grandchildren are, a walk in the woods will give you and your grandchild some much-needed exercise and the sights and sounds of nature are sure to invigorate you. Remember to choose a path or hiking trail that is not too strenuous or you risk diminishing the fun element of the hike. As you hike, you can introduce your grandchild to the different plants and animals that exist.

2) Cooking with your grandchild

One fun and interesting activity that you and your grandchild can do together is cooking. Although cooking with a little one can prove chaotic and messy, it can work out fine. Children are curious by nature and you can engage them in some simple aspects of cooking – selecting the items, breaking the eggs, mixing water in the dough, cutting vegetables (under supervision) etc.

Remember that this activity is meant to bring you and your grandchild close so avoid any serious lectures that will make them lose interest in cooking. The best part about cooking together is that your grandchild will slowly realise which foods are healthy and which are not as she will herself be involved in the cooking process. This will lead to better health for the two of you.

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3) Playing board games

Were you a master at Monopoly during your youth? Did you enjoy beating snakes and climbing ladders in the classic game of Snakes and Ladders? Well, why don’t you take on new competitors in the form of your grandchild?

It is time to split up your grandchild from his video games and cell phone and introduce him to the amazing world of puzzles and board games. Not only will it be a fun and engaging activity, your grandchild will learn the joys of playing Ludo, she will utilise her grey cells trying to beat you in Chess, and she will display her striking skills in Carrom. These games will improve the mental and physical skills of your grandchild.

4) Practising yoga

Did you know that yoga is not only for adults? In fact, children can also benefit from practising yoga. With yoga for children gaining popularity, it can be one fun and healthy way to bond with your grandchild. With many yoga centres mushrooming all over, you can sign up for a few classes with your grandchild and have fun practising yoga poses to a healthier version of you both.

One advantage of yoga is that you do not need expensive equipment. A mat, knowledge of the correct technique and a quiet place are all you and your grandchild require.

5) Riding a bicycle

Riding a bicycle is almost a rite of passage for children and your grandchild is no different. If she does not know how to ride one, teach her. Children love to ride a cycle and when the two of you engage in this activity, it will be much more exciting and adventurous. Not only is it an inexpensive and fun activity to do together, bicycling offers numerous health benefits.

Spending time with your grandchild need not be an expensive affair. Having a fun time does not necessarily require taking her out to expensive places and buying costly gifts. With the five above mentioned activities, the bond between you and your grandchild will become stronger and, what’s more, it will promote good health as well.

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