5 Best-Ever Tips To Make Your Baby Comfortable This Summer

Want to make your baby feel comfortable and healthy during summer? Here's a list of simple to-dos that will ensure both you and your baby beat the heat to make summer fun.

By Team ParentCircle  • 7 min read

5 Best-Ever Tips To Make Your Baby Comfortable This Summer

Ask a mother which season bothers her baby the most and the answer in most cases will be summer. The heat is enough to do quite a bit of damage to fully grown adults so you can imagine what the searing temperatures can do to tiny defenseless beings.

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Here are 5 tips to ensure that your baby remains calm and comfortable throughout the summer months.


Your clothes are your second skin. The same principle is applicable to babies as well. Their skin is still tender and hence is more prone to infection and irritation when compared to an adult's skin. So, keep these things in mind when you are dressing your baby during the hot months of summer.

  • Pick out clothing made of cotton and other summer friendly materials for your baby during this season. Synthetic materials are a big no no during summer as they tend to trap heat. You should have multiple pieces of clothing handy in case your baby drools a little or is prone to spitting out food.
  • The clothing should be loose fitting and should encourage the flow of air through the body.
  • If you are taking your baby outdoors, you must ensure that he is wearing full sleeves. Though sleeveless clothing might seem ideal, clothing with full sleeves will ensure that your child is completely protected from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Another thing to remember when going outdoors is to carry a wide-brimmed hat for the baby. It should not be too tight around the head and should fit her comfortably.


A good diet during the summer will ensure that your baby sails through the season without much trouble. A bad diet will only add to your child's discomfort.

  • Hydration is the key to surviving summer. Even adults tend to forget this cardinal rule sometimes, so you can imagine the state of babies. Ensure that your infant is hydrated regularly. Keep giving him water and other fruit juices at regular intervals. Carry a bottle of water for the baby wherever you go.
  • You can encourage your baby to eat more fruits and remember to include summer-friendly vegetables as a part of their diet. Watermelon, cucumber and other seasonal fruits which are high on water content should become a regular part of their diet.
  • A summer diet should be light on the stomach. Avoid foods which are spicy and rich. Keeping it simple is the best way to go during peak summer. Liquid and semi-solid foods should be included in your baby's diet.
  • Avoid giving your child food from outside. The summer months are a hotbed for infections. So keep it hygienic for your infant and give him only home-cooked food.

Bath time

Babies tend to sweat a lot during summer. One of the best ways to keep them cool during this season is to give them a bath. But you should not over do it as well. Here's what you need to be mindful about.

  • Though you may think that your baby needs a lot of baths during summer, don't give into temptation. Ideally, two baths should do.
  • Hot water baths should be avoided at all cost. Doing an elbow test on the bath water is highly recommended. The water should not feel too warm neither should it be too cold to touch.
  • Give special attention to the neck, back and underarms during bath time as these are the areas where more sweat is produced in the body.
  • You can also give your kid oil massages but do so sparingly. Oils can clog pores and have to be washed out thoroughly. So, massaging twice a week with oil is good enough.

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Babies pick up ailments easily, especially so in summer. Their immune system is not ready to combat diseases as easily as that of an adult.

  • Prickly heat abounds in summer. So, ensure that your child is mostly indoors in a well-ventilated area apart from being dressed appropriately and staying well-hydrated.
  • Colds and viral fevers are also a threat during the hot months of summer. If anyone in your household has these ailments, it is best to keep them away from your baby till they recover fully. Also ask them to keep their hands clean at all times. Washing the hand regularly and using hand sanitizers can do the trick.

Outdoor activities

Going outdoors is not advisable during summer. But if you have to, here's what you need to do.

Avoid going out when the sun is at its peak. This would be between 10 am to 4 pm. If you have to go out, remember to dress your child accordingly.

Invest in good eye wear for your child. Don't go for cheap, toy-like ones which will offer next to no protection. Buy shades which offer complete UV protection. 

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