5 Best Yoga Poses To Calm Your Child

Do you struggle to keep your child engaged for more than three minutes? Does she get restless and shift from one activity to the other? These yoga poses will help calm her down.

By Monali Bordoloi

5 Best Yoga Poses To Calm Your Child

Have you sometimes watched helplessly as your child made a mess, running and throwing things around? Have you often been embarrassed when your little one accidentally crashed into furniture or pushed another child? Sometimes, children behave inappropriately because they are not able to channelise their energy in the right direction. As parents, we need to actively engage high-energy children and help them keep calm.

Varsha Venkatesh, a certified yoga instructor and founder of Yoga Vriksha says, “Throwing such tantrums means that your kid is healthy and has high levels of energy. With these actions, your kid is showing signs of being highly stimulated. This calls for a sensory break. Kids have tremendous physical capabilities that need to be redirected in a positive way. As a parent, you have to be creative and hands-on while making them do fun yoga poses.”

If you want to address this issue with tact, try these five yoga asanas to calm down your overactive child:

On introducing yoga:

Varsha highly recommends yoga to calm down restless, overactive children. She says, “Introducing your kids to yoga, gives their energy a safe, yet active channel. Regular practice of yoga improves the mood and attitude of your kid tremendously.” Children who are older than five years can practise these yoga poses: 

1. Camel Pose 

5 Best Yoga Poses To Calm Your Child

How to do it: Kneel with the legs wide apart. Start arching your back till your hands reach your heels.

Benefits: It stretches the front of your body, opens up the heart, brings strength to the back and allows you to breathe freely.

2. Locust Pose: 

5 Best Yoga Poses To Calm Your Child

How to do it: Lie down on your belly with your arms on your side. Inhale and lift your chest and thighs off the floor.

Benefits: It builds strong shoulders and legs.

3. Boat Pose: 

5 Best Yoga Poses To Calm Your Child

How to do it: Be seated, legs extended in front. Inhale and lift the legs to make a V-shaped boat with your body. Now, use your hands to make a rowing motion.

Benefits: It strengthens the arms, thighs and upper body.

4. Warrior Pose: 

5 Best Yoga Poses To Calm Your Child

How to do it: Stand and look straight. Keep your feet together. Put your arms by your side. Lift your arms over your head as you inhale. Join the palms over your head. Put one leg forward. Bend the leg, while stretching and straightening the other leg. Exhale and bring your arms down as you straighten the legs.

Benefits: It strengthens the muscles of the arms, shoulders, thighs, and back.

5. Butterfly Pose: 

5 Best Yoga Poses To Calm Your Child

How to do it: Sit straight. Bend your knees and bring your legs together. Your feet should be facing each other. Hold both feet with your hands. Inhale to press the thighs and knees towards the floor. As butterflies flap their wings, flap your bent legs up and down. Increase the pace of flapping. Bend forward as you exhale. 

Benefits: It relaxes and stretches aching thighs. It also improves flexibility and relieves tiredness.

With inputs from Varsha Venkatesh, certified yoga instructor and founder of Yoga Vriksha.

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