5 Apps to Make Science Fun for Children

Does your child dread the idea of studying science? Does he find the concepts boring and hard to understand? Here are some exciting apps for all children that will bring the fun back into science

By Sahana Charan  • 9 min read

5 Apps to Make Science Fun for Children

There is one question about science children ask, which parents fear the most- why do we need to learn this? While many children find scientific concepts boring, parents and teachers spend sleepless nights wondering how to make science learning more interesting and fun for them.

Actually, it is not that difficult. Just taking in bookish knowledge and cramming information every day can be tedious for children. If you include something that is hands-on, learning becomes fun. Why not try getting children’s interest back into science, through interesting tools that let them use their imagination and explore concepts in an interactive way?

Here are some fun and educative apps that you can allow children to use to help in learning science:


About the app: Do you and your child love to stare at the moon and the beautiful stars on a clear moonlit night? This app will change the way you have been star- gazing, forever. What’s more, your child will learn much more about stars, planets and constellations, than she has ever done through books. All you have to do is turn your smartphone up, facing the night sky and get information about the all the celestial bodies above in real time.

Benefits: It is a great way of educating children about stars and constellations, planets, the solar system, concepts in astronomy and so on.

Suitable for: 4+ years

Activity idea after using the app: Get your child to create a colour-coded map of the constellations, stars and planets on a chart, using cut-outs for celestial bodies.

How to download: This app is available for paid download on all Android and iOS devices including iPad and iPod Touch.

Baby Hazel Science Fair

About the app: This extremely popular app designed especially for smaller children uses a game to teach science experiments. In this game, teacher has asked Baby Hazel and her school friends to make innovative models to represent their class. The best model would be presented at the Science Fair. Baby Hazel designs a scientific model showcasing an erupting volcano, with the help of her father while her friend Mia designs a model to showcase a lava lamp. Akito prepares a presentation on invisible ink and Andrew makes a model to showcase formation of rainbow. Baby Hazel is announced the winner to represent her class and make a presentation at the science fair.

Benefits: These simple but interesting experiments explain scientific theories to the little ones. It’s great for supplementing what is being taught in science lab.

Suitable for: 3+ years

Activity idea after using the app: Help your child make an easy model of an erupting volcano or a DIY rainbow craft.

How to download: It is available for download free on Google Play store.

DIY Sun Science 

About the app: This useful app gives children and educators a whole lot of information about the Sun and the science behind it. Developed by the prestigious UC Berkeley’s The Lawrence Hall of Science and funded by NASA, this app allows the user to explore many hands-on activities to learn about the Sun. Each activity includes step-by-step instructions that have been tested by educators, kids and families. It also features live images of the sun from NASA’s SDO satellite and a collections of images and videos from various observatories on Earth and in space.

Benefits: It will spark interest in astronomy among children and teach them interesting facts about the Sun and its effects on Earth.

Suitable for: 7+ years

Activity idea after using the app: Following instructions in the app, use hot and cold water for an activity to observe convection currents.

How to download: This app is available for download free on the App Store for iOS devices.

Monster Physics 

About the app: If your child has an aversion towards Physics, this application will make him fall in love with the subject. After all, who doesn’t love building various things by using different kinds of material and also have fun while doing it? Monster Physics is a unique building app, through which kids can build and operate their own model car, crane, rocket ship, plane, helicopter, tank and many other exciting machines. The app features 50 fun missions, 68 different parts to build your own inventions and allows children to operate them.

Benefits: This app is great to teach children common physics terms and basic physics concepts such as friction, force, mass, acceleration and so on. 

Suitable for: 9-11 years

Activity idea after using the app: After learning some basic concepts, try a DIY activity of building a balloon car using cardboard, bottle caps and balloons.

How to download: Available for paid download on the App store and works on all iOS devices

Marco Polo Weather 

About the app: Don’t children just love playing weatherman at home? Most of them are fascinated by the changing seasons and want to know what the temperature and weather conditions are in various parts of the world. This fascinating app allows children to create rainbows, thunderstorms, blizzards, rain and much more and also tells them all about the nine major weather types. The weather control option allows your child to change atmospheric conditions such as temperature, wind speed, precipitation and cloud coverage. They can combine different conditions to explore varied weather conditions.

Benefits: There are many interactive elements in this app and children can learn simple concepts in science and maths. 

Suitable for: Under 5 years

Activity idea after using the app: Make your own pinwheel and watch how the wind makes it spin

How to download: Available to download free on all Android and iOS devices.

Learning science with these applications will not be boring any more. Encourage your child to use these apps whenever she has difficulty understanding certain scientific concepts. Parents and children can together have lot of fun using these apps to do exciting hands on activities at home.    

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