4 Amazing Benefits of Dance

This summer vacation, not only children but parents can take up dance as a recreational activity. It will help in keeping fit and active, and also boost their confidence

By Michael Morelli  • 7 min read

4 Amazing Benefits of Dance

Dance is an important part of many cultures all over the world – it is a means of social interaction and communication, while enabling better body awareness. There is a saying that you can dance your way to health and happiness, and that is not very far from the truth.

Dancing is the best way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It has many benefits as it improves the condition of your heart and lungs; increases your muscular strength; improves muscle tone and is the major factor in developing your self-confidence and self- esteem. Dance is not just a great form of exercise, but helps in building teamwork and communication. Dancing is a fun and enjoyable way to be more physically active and to stay fit.

Here are the four important benefits of dance --

Promotes communication

What better way then dance to connect with people and meet new friends? Nowadays, most of the dancing is about self-expression, expressing your emotions and having an enjoyable experience, although it can also be performed as a competitive activity. When children learn to dance early, they develop poise and confidence. This, in turn, helps them interact with other people effortlessly and hold a conversation. You would have often noticed that dancers are naturally graceful – this confident body language helps them to be comfortable in their own skin.

Helps in weight management

Some people have a misconception that as they get older, they will invariably get heavier. But, it may not always be like that. You can take up various activities to maintain your weight, including dance. There are many different forms of dance that promote fitness and ballroom dance is one of them. This form of dance helps maintain good health and supports a healthy look and weight. Dance forms like Quickstep, Samba and Salsa can burn 600 calories an hour, that is about the same as cycling or playing high-intensity basketball.

Improves flexibility

It’s very important to have good flexibility so you don’t harm yourself. Anyone can injure themselves if they have the wrong techniques or happen to move the wrong way and overstretch tight muscles. Stretching is important for all ages. Dance requires a great amount of flexibility. As you may know, most dance classes begin with warm-ups which include stretching exercises. Most dance forms require dancers to perform moves which require bending and stretching, so automatically by dancing, dancers become more flexible. To improve flexibility you need to just follow the basic steps:-

  • Always do warm-ups before stretching. You can go for a run, jog or bicycle ride for about 20 minutes to loosen up.
  • Try to stretch after a workout because by doing this you will ensure that your muscles are warm and loose.
  • Yoga can reduce stress and anxiety and this is an excellent technique for building better balance and flexibility.
  • Try a hot tube or sauna. These activities are easily found at local fitness clubs. The heat generated relaxes your muscles and aids flexibility.

Helps Your Heart

Dance is considered as a hidden language of the soul and the body. In today’s fast-paced life, people are not bothered to take care of themselves. Due to this, the result is lifestyle diseases that harm your body and mind in many ways. Dance your heart out to stay fit and healthy because these will only lead to happiness and a healthy heart. Many people choose the waltz dance form to improve their heart health, breathing and quality. You will notice an increase in your stamina and you will not feel out of breath, as the condition of your heart and lung improves.

Here are few other activities to complement your dancing:

  1. Skating is one of the great exercises to keep fit and reduce weight. Skating can burn up to 425 calories in just 30 minutes.
  2. Another common form of exercise is running. Do you know that running can burn up to 374 calories in 30 minutes? The major running muscles - legs and core happen to be the biggest calorie and fat burning muscles in your body.
  3. Walking is one of the easiest exercises for both children and adults. It burns 170 calories in 30 minutes. By taking quick short steps and keeping your torso upright, you will burn calories and fats faster.  

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