30 Precious Moments to Cherish With Your Preschooler (3–5 years)

Parenting is all about moments to be treasured. Time flies by; so, you’d better freeze those special moments with your little one.

By Dr Priscilla J S Selvaraj

30 Precious Moments to Cherish With Your Preschooler (3–5 years)

Soon, your little one will grow up and you’ll need to let go of him as he sets off for higher studies and to chart out his career path. And, all you’ll be left with is precious little memories. So, why not cherish those moments here and now? Freeze those moments in time and store them in your memory album.

Those top 30 precious moments…

1. Rhyme-time: The first time your child is reciting a nursery rhyme in that sweet baby voice of hers.

2. Cheering up: Your little one wiping that tear off your cheek when you are engulfed in sadness.

3. Curtains up: Your tiny tot’s preschool annual day programme where she is singing or dancing on the stage.

4. Boats on sail: Making a paper boat and setting it afloat on that puddle in your porch when it rains.

5. ‘I don’t spy you’: Playing hide-and-seek with your darling and pretending not to notice him in his hiding place and continuing to search for him.

6. Sous-chef: Getting your dear little child to measure out ingredients for you to bake her birthday cake or to make that yummy apple pie.

7. ‘You be me’: Swapping roles with your child and engaging in pretend play so that he is the father and you are his son.

8. Tiny palms and soles: Making imprints of her palms and soles once every three months and watching them grow bigger every time.

9. Foamy touch of waves: Going to the beach and allowing the waves to gently caress your child’s feet as he shrieks and you hold on tightly to him.

10. Befriending birdies: Together, feeding the birds in the park and watching them peck at the grains chirping gleefully.

11. Boom-boom: Cuddling your child who holds on tight to you scared by the deafening thunder.

12. Scaredy-cat: When your precious little one scares you by stepping in front of you suddenly from behind a door saying, ‘Boo,’ and you give a start.

13. Magic cuppa: That imaginary cup of tea your child is offering you when you come back exhausted after a long day at work.

14. Li’l miss Sour-face: The funny faces your dear child makes after tasting pickle or a slice of raw lime for the first time.

15. Little architect: As you watch your child build sandcastles on the seashore and you desperately attempt to shield them from the ever so possessive waves which want to stamp their ownership on the sand.

16. Up the tree: When your kiddo first attempts to climb up the tree (of course, under your watchful eyes), in your backyard or the park.

17. Touch-me-not: The imaginary game you and your little one play in your drawing room separating one portion into the sea and the other into the shore, and the two of you hold your hands together and try to run away from the waves which try to kiss your feet.

18. Make-up time: The moustache you draw on your little one’s face and the proud, ‘I am big’ look he sports when he looks at the mirror.

19. First day at school: The heart-wrenching moment when you bid good-bye to your tiny tot after escorting her to school on her first day of kindergarten.

20. Fancy dress: The preparations for the first fancy dress competition your child is participating in – the flurry of activity in getting ready the costume in the few days leading to the event.

21. Rain drops in the bucket: When the two of you place a bucket out in the rains and watch it fill up.

22. Doodling: When your bored little one keeps doodling away in your old diary or note pad and you ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over his artistic skills.

23. Chug-along train: The imaginary train game you play - you pretending to be the engine and your child holding on to the edge of your shirt and tagging along as you chug-chug and whistle your way around the drawing room.

24. Piggy-back: Those enjoyable piggy-back rides you offer your loving child as you get down on all fours and crawl all around the house.

25. Sing-song car ride: A long car trip when you are trying hard to have that much-needed snooze and your little one chants, ‘Hickory, Dickory, Dock’ at the top of his voice, making you laugh out hard.

26. Swing along: When your child claps her hands in joy as she swings along on the make-shift swing you set up in the portico using your blanket.

27. 'Say cheese': Your little one baring his teeth not knowing what ‘Say cheese’ means while posing for his first photograph.

28. Spinning a yarn: For a change, when your child decides to act big and narrate a story to you before bedtime.

29. Sweet little prayer: The first time your tiny tot whispers a little prayer to God in such a sincere voice.

30. Love you: Every time your little one says, ‘I love you’ and hugs you.

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