20 Things To Do With Kids In 2020

Tired of the same old New Year resolutions? Here's a list of 20 fun things you can look forward to doing with your kids in 2020!

By Vidya Nesarikar

20 Things To Do With Kids In 2020

Most of us parents look back on the year gone by and wonder where it all went – childhood goes by really fast. Sometimes it is all just a blur, and only a few moments stand out – your child’s first tooth fall, the school day dance or perhaps a family holiday. In a new age world that seems to be getting more attached to technology than family ties, how do you make the days count? After all, it’s the presence of parents that matters for children and not the presents. Read on for 20 fun things to do with kids in 2020! 

1. Go gadget-free: 

This is a big one these days! One that will do wonders for the family and individuals. A weekly gadget free detox is just the need of the hour. Turn your Friday evenings gadget free for instance and let everyone catch up with the other members and discuss the week that went by. And remember it applies to all family members. No cheating!

2. Plan a ‘junk food free’ week: 

This may seem like a first world problem, but increasingly processed food has made its way to our tables as well. Go junk food free for a week every month, look up recipes togethers, plan meals and snacks and read up on labels of all food items you buy from the supermarket. The benefits of this will last a lifetime.

3. Take a trip: 

20 Things To Do With Kids In 2020

Though going to the mall seems to be on every kid’s to-do list, plan a one-of-a-kind kind of trip once a month. It could be a trek, a visit to a fort for a history lesson, or a visit to horticultural garden or a picnic. Look up one-day trips together you can do on weekends. Involve the child while planning for these outings to take in their interest into consideration. If your kid is learning about constellations in school, plan a camping trip to coincide with that on a starry night and watch your kid be star-struck!

4. Encourage hobbies:

Do you catch your child always humming a song, or doodling in his books? It’s probably a hint to you to let him pursue his hobby. Look up classes in your neighbourhood which your kid will enjoy– you will be amazed at the variety of classes out there.

5. Learn a new language:

20 Things To Do With Kids In 2020

Language is a way to connect with people, apart from being a communication skill. The more languages one knows, the better. Help your child become fluent in his mother tongue or let him pick a foreign language to learn. Either way, this is never a wasted skill.

6. Learn to play a new instrument:

There are many adults who regret not being able to learn a musical instrument – whether it was the lack of a class nearby or the resources. But learning to play an instrument can be a deeply satisfying experience for a child (maybe not so much for the parents while the child practices!)

7. Get to know the classics: 

Though your child may love binging on Iron Man, Dora or wants to buy the entire Geronimo Stilton collection – it’s always nice to go back the classics. It can be a trip down memory lane for you and a great bonding experience. “My eight-year-old and I enjoyed watching Mary Poppins together. Initially I thought she would get bored, but she enjoyed the entire movie. That is the power of a great classic – it is timeless in its appeal,” says Shilpa Prashanth.

8. Make a new friend - from a different age group:

Children always seem caught up with age. They believe there is a great difference between a 5-year-old and a 5.5-year-old. Encourage your child to look beyond age groups while making friends. Cousins and apartment communities are great for mixed age groups. In fact, in the Montessori pedagogy the classrooms have a mixed age group, which helps children learn to care for the little kids, lets them be more aware and empathetic and grow up to be more emotionally stable.

9. Learn a traditional game:

This is a great way for kids to connect with their grandparents. India has a plethora of traditional games like Chenne Mane, Kavade, Chowkabare etc. Many of these require complex skills and it’s a great way to pass an evening, while helping the family bond. Spend an afternoon with the grandparents and let the kids try a hand at any of the timeless games.

10. Create your own garden: 

20 Things To Do With Kids In 2020

Help your child start a small garden – it could be just one pot or a small patch of earth, but when the shoot pops out and the plant grows, joy knows no bounds for the young and old alike. You can go to the nursery together to pick out seeds, pots, manure and other gardening paraphernalia. Urge your kids to keep a gardening journal and record successes and failures. Bonding time guaranteed.

11. Make a time capsule:

Write letters, postcards, throw in your favourite toy and photographs and keep them locked in a box in a cupboard or a top shelf. Take them out years later for a truckload of memories.

12. Invest time in family get-togethers: 

With more and more nuclear families on the rise, the concept of hanging out with cousins and visiting grandparents over the summer is diminishing. Family can be sometimes challenging, but it’s good to know the close relatives and cousins. As children grow older, they tend to seek out the people who they knew as kids.

13. Create reading lists:

Be it classics or contemporary books, spend more time reading this year. You can even read aloud a bedtime story for the kids at night and make it a regular habit. Make a list at the beginning of the year with your child and work your way through the list as the year progresses.

14. Learn to use a piggy bank: 

Many kids today are unaware of the concept of money. One way to teach your child to be realistic in his wants and expectations, is by gifting him a piggy bank. Let the child make a list of goodies or toys she wants to buy. Help them learn the cost of the things on the list and start saving up for it.

15. Keep a personal journal:

20 Things To Do With Kids In 2020

There is always something comforting about keeping a journal. It is great outlet to express emotions, remember events and take time for self-realisation. If your child wants to keep the journal private, respect his privacy.

16. Volunteer for a cause:

If your child is a teenager, encourage them to volunteer at an NGO, fundraiser or a community or school event. Sometimes children tend to get caught up in their own little world, so a little nudge towards volunteering might expand his perspective on life. The parent and child can volunteer together as well for a better bonding experience.

17. Pledge to be more active:

It’s a no brainer that humans need 40 – 60 mins of exercise daily and that’s better if it is outdoors. Urge your kid to spend more time playing outdoors. This could be something you do together – cycling, swimming, tossing a Frisbee or jogging together.

18. Build something together:

There is no better way for some quality father and child time than to build something together. It can be a project like a bird house or a little doll house. Brainstorm ideas, choose materials, discuss plans, make a blueprint and work on a timeline. Your kid will love this as much as you do!

20 Things To Do With Kids In 2020

19. Pick up life skills: 

Encourage your kids to learn useful skills like sewing, cooking (fire-less for young kids), learning to do the dishes, taking out the laundry, folding clothes and more. Help them make a chart and list out the things they would like to learn and urge them to keep a record of the household chores they have helped with. This will inculcate a sense of responsibility and give them an idea about the work that goes into running a household.

20. Keep time for unstructured time: 

Now this may sound contradictory, but children seem unable to handle boredom these days. However, boredom helps in building creativity. Urge your child to be comfortable doing nothing (and this means no screen time). It could be 15 minutes of staring at the clouds above or meditating. Do not disturb with your child during this time, while he works on his imagination.

Do bear in mind that lists are just lists. You may just do two of the listed things or ten – the point of lists is to be more aware of your time, help and encourage your child to plan his days better. But don’t be a stickler for rules and lists, and worried that you didn’t cross off all the items with a red pencil (though that is so much fun)! Sometimes there is no fun like impromptu fun – and nothing brings out the child in us better than spontaneous activities. We wish you a great year ahead and hope these ideas make family time more special for you in 2020. Godspeed!

About the author:

Written by Vidya Nesarikar on Dec 24, 2019. 

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