15 April Fool’s Day Pranks to Play on Your Child

While it is usually your children who play pranks on you, pay them back in the same coin this April Fool’s day. Here are some tips to help you give your children a taste of their own medicine.

By Lakshmi Rajan

15 April Fool’s Day Pranks to Play on Your Child

While April Fool’s Day is an occasion to play pranks and have a hearty laugh, the history behind the origin of this day remains largely unknown. Its origins are said to be based in a Greco-Roman festival called Hilaria.

With time, not only did the manner of celebrating April Fool’s Day evolve but also more and more people began warming up to the idea of indulging in a little bit of fun on this day. And, while the essence of April Fool’s Day remains the same everywhere, the way it is celebrated across cultures varies.

In modern-day France, people celebrate this day by sticking images of fish on people’s back, whereas in Brazil, news agencies join the fun by putting out fake news. Greeks believe that tricking a person on April 1 ensures good luck throughout the year, while the Irish celebrate April Fool’s Day till noon only.

This April Fool’s Day, it’s time to replenish our bag of tricks to trap the unsuspecting victim. What about trying something different? Why not pull off a few tricks on your children? Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Healthy lollipops: While you would have always frowned upon your child’s request for lollipops, this April Fool’s Day, have a change of heart. Hand her a healthy lollipop made from a floret of broccoli or cauliflower wrapped in her favourite lollipop’s wrapper.
  2. Locked computer: Take a screenshot of the desktop of your child’s computer. Then, hide all the icons and set the screenshot as the desktop background. Let your computer whiz figure out what went wrong when clicking on the icons doesn’t execute anything.
  3. That dreadful phone call: Take your place on the sofa and with a serious expression, call your young teen and ask her why her teacher said ‘that’ about her? You can drive her to tears by asking her to confess her fault.
  4. Sorry, I don’t know your size!’: With summer making its presence felt, gift your child a T-shirt of his choice but a size smaller. And, when he complains, just shrug your shoulders and tell him that you don’t know his size.
  5. You’ve got some company in bed’: Place a dummy lizard or spider near your little one’s pillow while she is asleep. Shake her awake and point it out to her with an alarmed expression. The sight would surely make her ‘jump out of bed’.
  6. Oh! I’ll have that’: Prepare your child’s favourite sandwich and pack it with transparent plastic wrapper. On the wrapper, make a green patch to resemble a fungus. When your child points out that you have given him a rotten sandwich, take it from his hands, unwrap it and gobble it up.
  7. There, caught ya!’: Pretend to catch your child red-handed in the act of doing something you strongly disapprove of. Then, work yourself up and give her dressing down. When you understand that she is at the end of her wits, drop the act and wish her April Fool’s Day.
  8. Cold drink without fizz: Hand your child his favourite cold drink, but pre-fill it with sugarless black coffee or salt water to match the colour. He is sure to run to the wash basin as soon as he takes a sip.
  9. Make-believe: Replace real fruits in the fruit tray with various artificial ones or make a fruit platter out of these to surprise your teen. Her bafflement at finding the fruits are fake would be worth the effort you put in.
  10. The shoe shrank in size: Stuff your little one’s shoe with toilet paper. It would be a delight to watch him try to put them on.
  11. No TV day: Make April 1 a No TV day. Stick a small piece of tape over the sensor of the TV or the remote and apply a coat of black nail polish on it (because the panels of TV/remote are usually made of black plastic). Watch your child go crazy when he can’t switch on the TV despite his best effort.
  12. The food is bugged: Make your child’s favourite snacks. Place bugs made of plastic, for example cockroaches or spiders, on top of them and cover it. Your child will be stumped when she takes off the lid to eat them.
  13. The lid won’t open: Close the toilet lid. Pass a transparent adhesive tape over it to stick the ends to the toilet bowl. Your child is sure to cry out for help when he rushes into the toilet and can’t lift the lid.
  14. Give her a red nose: While your child is fast asleep, apply some red colour on her hands. Then, gently tickle her nose. She would surely try to rub her nose with her hands to ease the sensation.
  15. Block them in: After your children close their bedroom door and go to sleep, open the door and spread a plastic wrap across the door frame from outside. Watch them walk into the invisible wall and step back wondering what happened.

Instead of being the straight-faced parent, loosen up for a day and have fun. It’s your turn bring out the child in you and be naughty. Show your child that you are more than just a provider of care and comfort. For, the memories you create will live with all of you forever.

A word of caution: Take care not to play the pranks on very young children. 

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