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'Help your child imagine new ideas, solve problems'

Alane Jordan Starko, a professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Eastern Michigan University and author of Creativity in the Classroom, tells why c...

Alane Jordan Starko
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Music for the Brain

This article helps you discover the many benefits of music for the development of your little one's brain.

Anil Srinivasan
How to handle teachers' complaints about your child,The Smart Way to Talk to Teachers,How,handle teachers' complaints about your child,Smart Way to Talk to Teachers,handle teachers,complaints about your child,Smart Way to Talk,Teachers,handle,teachers,handle teachers complaints,complaints,child,Smart Way,Talk,Smart,Way
How to Handle Teachers' Complaints About Your Children

Do you get complaints about your child from his teacher? As a result, do you panic? Or, do you blame the teacher? Your response will affect your child’s deve...

Mary Clotilda