10 Summer Vacation TV Shows You Can Watch With Your Kids

Netflix India offers a great choice of wonderful programmes that suit all age groups and cover all genres. Here’s a list of 10 shows you can watch this summer with your family.

By V Saravana Kumar  • 9 min read

10 Summer Vacation TV Shows You Can Watch With Your Kids

Summer holidays are a time to relax and have fun. However, with the sun beating down hard, it may not always be possible for your child to step out to play. So, relax your rules a bit about screen time and allow your child to spend some time watching TV.

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From animation to travel to cookery, there is a gamut of exciting shows to watch on Netflix India. We bring to you a handpicked list of Netflix shows that both you and your child can watch and have a great time as a family.

1. Animal Mechanicals: This animated series is a great way for your preschooler to begin learning about self-awareness and positive attitude, and it also offers loads of fun. The colourful characters Rex, Unicorn, Komodo, Sasquatch, Mouse and Island Owl make use of their individual skills to help their friends get out of trouble. Watching them tackle the challenges they face would teach your child how to stay positive in a simple and an easily understandable way.

2. Yoko: Your little one will love this animated series. It’s about the adventures of three energetic and playful children, Mai, Oto and Vik, and the magical creature Yoko, who has the power to transform playgrounds into spaceships and camping sites. The cute characters, seamless animation and the emphasis on friendship, nature and imagination – all make this a must-watch for your preschooler.

3. The Dragon Prince: This beautifully-animated fantasy series is set in the magical continent of Xadia, which derives its strength from the sun, moon, stars, earth, sky and ocean. But, Xadia witnesses constant war between the humans and the elves (human-shaped supernatural beings). To foster peace between the two sides, prince Callum and Ezran join hands with one of the elves, Rayla. Watch this show with your child for unlimited fantasy and fun combined with bravery.

4. The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Do you and your child want to go on a ride that is packed with wild adventures and science-fueled fun? If yes, then, watching this animated series would be an amazing experience. As a sequel to the original series that was telecast from 1994 to 1997, this show takes the viewers on a fantastic journey of discovering new locations, creatures and time periods. It also teaches the young viewers about the wonders of science along the way, which will enthuse your curious child for sure.

5. A Place Further than the Universe: This colourful anime series is about a high schooler, Shirase. Along with her friends, Shirase goes on an expedition to Antarctica to find her mother. With its cute character design and fluidic animation, this series takes your child on a crazy adventure across the vast landscape of the icy continent of Antarctica. This coming-of-age story, with loads of funny and moving sequences is a great way for your child to develop self-confidence and a spirit for adventure.

6. Brainchild: Are you looking for ways to make learning science fun for your child? Here’s a great resource to help you. This science-inspired educational series answers most of the curious questions your child might ask – from ‘How big is the universe?’ to 'do fish pee?’ It also teaches your child concepts like marine biology, neurology, senses and gravity, in a way that is easily relatable and understandable. Presented by young hosts, this show not only focuses on teaching kids about science, but also helps to improve their self-esteem and identity.

7. Amazing Interiors: Here’s something for the interior designer in your child! This reality show series would take your child across homes which look similar to other houses from outside. However, there is a surprise. All these houses have unusual customised interiors, like a basement train or a backyard roller-coaster. The owners of these houses have gone all-out in making their homes look unique, from turning it into a circus to creating a human-sized doll house, and from setting up a museum in the cellar to installing an in-house aquarium. This show will definitely kindle your child’s interest in redefining his living space.

8. Minute To Win It: This reality game show features contestants competing against one another to complete a 60-minute task using common household items. The task could be anything, from using a balloon to fill a bucket with water, to rolling marbles to knock over a pencil made to stand upright. The contestants win one level after another, with the ultimate goal being, to win the mega cash award in the final round. These challenges provide edge-of-the-seat entertainment to viewers across all age groups. They also teach your child how to plan and complete a given task successfully in a set time limit.

9. Religion of Sports: This sports docu-series travels around the world to find the answer to one question – why playing a sport matters? It showcases unsung men and women who are trying to achieve greatness through the sport they love. It also talks about how sport unites people and gives meaning to their lives. Being a great influencer of societies across the globe, playing a sport can instil in your child the much-needed competitive spirit and will power. Watch this series with your child and see how it brings in loads of positivity.

10. Shark Tank: How about infusing some entrepreneurial spirit in your child? Here’s Shark Tank, the reality show that has budding startup entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to a panel of popular investors, called Sharks. This show has already featured businesses that have become multimillion dollar ventures. The future is all about innovative business ideas and watching this show can help your child think out-of-the-box. She may also come up with a business plan that could well become the next big thing!

Although the primary aim of Netflix India is entertainment, watching the shows aired on this channel also provides a host of benefits to the viewers. By watching them, your child gains a lot in terms of knowledge, self-confidence, positivity and kindness. As a parent, can you ask for more from TV shows? So, make watching Netflix India a part of your child's summer vacation plans!

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