10 Most Popular Parenting Magazines in India

If you’re looking for tips to raise your children into happy, successful adults, check out our list of the best parenting magazines in India.

By Ashwin Dewan  • 8 min read

10 Most Popular Parenting Magazines in India

As parents, you may want to cherish and enjoy each moment of parenthood. Caring for your child and giving her the best possible comfort – all make for an enriching experience. However, along with the pleasant moments, there are unpleasant ones as well, which can leave you frustrated, creating the need for parenting guidance.

A decade ago, the sources for parenting tips were restricted to grandparents, the family doctor or older relatives. It is a different scenario today. Many parenting magazines are available across the country that cater to parents in different age groups and offer useful tips on parenting.

We look at the 10 popular parenting magazines in India. These are in no particular order and each parenting magazine offers its own, unique perspective on the art of parenting.

1) Junior

As the name suggests, Junior is a monthly magazine that provides tips on rearing babies and children to parents. A lifestyle magazine, Junior is marketed by Media Star in India. It covers children up to the age of eight.

Junior covers a variety of thought-provoking topics that include expert advice on children’s health, fashion, tips when travelling with children, education and development. The magazine’s main aim is to provide helpful tips and suggestions through which the bond between a parent and child can be strengthened.

2) Mother & Baby

Mother & Baby is a bi-monthly magazine published by Nextgen Publishing. It aims to celebrate the wonderful phase of motherhood and features interesting, positive articles that are supplemented with appropriate images. Parents, especially mothers, can look up the magazine for news on baby products and advice by experts related to pregnancy.

Be it pregnancy-related information or assistance on the upbringing of children, this magazine will have it all.

3) ParentCircle

A magazine that addresses a host of issues – from tips to bringing up children the right way to behavioural patterns, nutrition and lifestyle habits in children — ParentCircle, published by Chennai-based Shri Harini Media Pvt. Ltd., may be the answer to many questions on parenting.

ParentCircle is a monthly magazine that aims to bring about the all-round development of a child by addressing the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of the child. The site has a dedicated team of experts, educators, and counsellors who share their knowledge with parents to aid them in raising happy, successful children.

4) Child

Published by Media Transasia India, Child is a monthly magazine that offers parenting resources to a wide variety of readers including first and second-time parents in India. It focuses on every stage and age of children from pre-birth to 12 years of age.

Child is the Indian edition of Parents, a part of Meredith Corporation, USA, which caters to the increasing needs of educated parents, who face a lot of problems while rearing a child.

5) Responsible Parenting

Published by Silverzone Enterprises, Responsible Parenting’s chief aim is to equip parents with key and helpful skills that can be used by them to improve their child’s behaviour and promote positive traits. The magazine helps parents teach their children multi-tasking skills that will aid them in becoming a perfect citizen.

The magazine is also designed to encourage information exchange, networking and support to parents for communicating effectively with their children.

6) Parents India

Parents India is a monthly magazine published by the MaXposure Media Group. This magazine aims to meet the requirement of the new-age mom who also has many roles to play – as a mother, wife, daughter-in-law and career woman. The magazine has articles that provide valuable information on many topics such as raising children, interacting with parents, handling toddlers and tips on pregnancy.

7) Parent Edge

Parent Edge is a bi-monthly magazine published by Karnataka-based Prayag Consulting. It is targeted at Indian parents who care about developing their child’s intellect apart from regular education.

This magazine can be enjoyed by parents of school-goers who are aged between 3 to 18 years.

8) Parenting

Parenting has been in publication for over two decades. It was launched by First City Publications Pvt. Ltd.

The magazine features guidance from experts, quick information on a variety of parenting topics and research, which is regularly updated on parenting books. Aimed at children aged 6 years and above, the magazine focuses on issues related to pregnancy, how to raise kids, childbirth and baby care.

9) Parent & Child

A venture of Euro Kids International, Parent & Child is a bi-monthly magazine. Focusing on various issues related to health, education, leisure, hobbies and nutrition, this magazine aims to help parents explore several aspects of parenting.

It is a very informative and educative magazine that is of great help to parents or even aspiring parents.

10) Autism Parenting

As the name of the magazine suggests, it is suitable for parents who have children suffering from autism. Apart from providing the latest news and updates on autism, the magazine features real life stories that can serve as an inspiration to parents.

The magazine also contains articles that suggest therapies useful for autistic kids. Articles penned by experts in the field also find space in this magazine.

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