10 Great DIY Gift Ideas for Teacher's Day

If you're wondering what your child should give his teacher on Teacher's Day, this is just for you. Presenting 10 best teachers day do-it-yourself gift ideas, which are simple and inexpensive.

By Nabeela Mahboob  • 9 min read

10 Great DIY Gift Ideas for Teacher's Day

It is said that a teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart. Our educators need to be appreciated ever so often, because of their efforts to mould children into intelligent and responsible human beings. Teacher's Day is an apt occasion to show our appreciation to the torch-bearers of education. And there’s no better gift than a handmade one that reflects the love and gratefulness of the student. Getting a gift from a shop may not convey the same message as a personalised gift made by your child with her own hands. The thoughtfulness of such gifts brings a special smile on the face of all teachers and they would love to cherish something like that. Even a simple handmade card would make a world of difference to a teacher. Here we present 10 best DIY teachers day gift ideas! 

10 DIY teachers day gift ideas that are fun and easy to make

1. Handmade Bookmark for teachers day 

10 Great DIY Gift Ideas for Teacher's Day

Every teacher loves to read. We rarely find them without a book in their hands. A handmade bookmark is a thing they would cherish and use.  

Materials required: a piece of thick paper, pattern paper, a small strip of lace, some bright coloured ribbon.

How to make:

Step 1- Cut a long piece of paper

Step 2- Back it up with a pattern paper or a colour paper

Step 3- Write the message in the centre

Step 4- Cut small strips of lace and decorate the base

Step 5- Punch a hole to add a ribbon

Step 6- Gift it to a bookworm teacher.

2. Buttons fridge magnet

10 Great DIY Gift Ideas for Teacher's Day

 It’s nice to remind them on an everyday basis how beautiful they are, by making them a photo frame to put on their fridge.

Materials required: 2 cardstocks, different coloured buttons and glue.

How to make:

Step 1- Cut out two card stocks of the same size

Step 2- Make one of the cardstocks into a frame by cutting out the centre

Step 3- Stick buttons of your choice all around the frame 

Step 4- Glue the back of the frame on 3 sides and leave one side open to insert the picture

Step 5- Wrap it up and gift it to your beautiful teacher. 

3. Teacup planter 

10 Great DIY Gift Ideas for Teacher's Day

There are teachers who love nature or do a bit of gardening to relax after a tiring day’s work. Here is a lovely make-at-home teacup planter that will always remind her of you.

Materials required: An old or unused teacup, a small cactus plant, some soil

How to make:

Step 1- Take an old teacup and fill it with planting soil

Step 2- Press down the centre of the cup to make a hole

Step 3- Place a cactus of your choice and cover it up on the top with more soil

Step 4- Add your favourite message 

4. Pencil toppers 

10 Great DIY Gift Ideas for Teacher's Day

Every teacher we know use pencils. These toppers help their desks look colourful and cheerful. These pencil toppers also teach the children the importance of knowledge and writing.

Materials required: Glittery foam sheet in various colours, pencils, glue

How to make:

Step 1- Grab some glittery foam sheet or card stock

Step 2- Flip it over and draw your favourite shape (dolphin, flower, star etc.,)

Step 3- Cut the shape out and apply glue on the backside

Step 4- Stick them on to the top of pencils 

Step 5- Gift it to a teacher that loves to doodle and draw

5. Handmade card with candy 

10 Great DIY Gift Ideas for Teacher's Day

Giving a teacher a card is common on teacher's day but how about giving them some sweets as well? A card is important as it conveys the right message from student to teacher.

Materials required: 1 cardstock, sketch pens, candy with a green wrapper

How to Make:

Step 1- Fold a piece of cardstock in the centre to make it into a card

Step 2- Draw a flower of your choice and colour it

Step 3- Stick green wrapper candies to make them look like leaves

Step 4- Gift to a teacher who is very sweet

6. Pencil stand 

10 Great DIY Gift Ideas for Teacher's Day

This is something that every teacher can use at their desks. It will add colour and character to their workspace. A pencil stand will ensure that the teacher’s writing aids are kept neatly.

Materials required: A tin can, black paint, colouring pencils, glue

How to Make:

Step 1- Take a used tin can and paint it black

Step 2- Grab a pack of colour pencils 

Step 3- Stick each pencil one after the other on some tin vertically

Step 4- Cover the base and wrap it up with a ribbon 

Step 5- Gift it to your favourite teacher

7. Customised pen 

10 Great DIY Gift Ideas for Teacher's Day

A pen is an important tool for a teacher and giving her a personalised one will be well-received and accepted as a lovely gift.

Materials required: 1 ballpoint pen, patterned paper

How to make:

Step 1- Take a ballpoint pen and open the back cover to take out the refill. 

Step 2- Cut out a thin strip of patterned paper.

Step 3- Roll the paper and put it inside the long tube-like body of the pen

Step 4- Put back the refill in and screw back the cover.

Step 5- What you get is a customised pen

Step 6- Gift it to a teacher who loves to write. 

8. Handmade badge 

10 Great DIY Gift Ideas for Teacher's Day

It is a pride to wear a badge of appreciation and honour. Give your teacher the joy of wearing one on this special day by making him one.

Materials required: 2 cardstock, glue, safety pin

How to make:

Step 1- Take a card and draw a circle.

Step 2- Cut out the circle and keep it aside

Step 3- Take another piece of cardstock in a different colour and repeat the same process but by drawing a smaller circle

Step 4- Stick the smaller circle on top of the bigger one

Step 5- Write your message and flip it over

Step 6- Use a cello tape to secure a safety pin at the back

Step 7- Gift it to a teacher you want to appreciate

9. Shaker Card

Here is an awesome handmade Shaker Card idea to make for Teacher's Day: 

10. Mosaic Pen holder

Try this interesting DIY Mosaic Pen Holder to gift your teacher: 

Students often have their favourite teachers who they admire for various reasons. On their special day, it is a nice gesture to show them some love. Your child can make any of these useful and DIY gifts for her teachers, which will be cherished for a lifetime.   

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Written by Nabeela Mahboob on 04 September 2017.
The author,  Ms Mahboob runs an art and craft blog.

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