Top 10 Story Books For Your Toddler This Summer

When the older children are out at summer camps, what will the little ones do? This holiday season introduce your toddler to the magical world of books that will expand their imagination and language.

By Sahana Charan

Top 10 Story Books For Your Toddler This Summer

During the summer vacations, school-going children and preschoolers will find their own activities to keep themselves busy. Some will attend summer camps while others will work on creative projects or play games with their neighbourhood friends. But, what will the little ones do? If you have a toddler at home, the summer holiday season is a wonderful time to teach her about birds and insects, simple things about seasons, why it is hot in summer and cold in winter, the flowers that bloom at this time and so much more.

Make use of the balmy weekends and any other free time to introduce the little ones to some of the best books written for toddlers that make for perfect summer reading. Here is our delightful list that will get your toddler interested in reading:

1. At the Beach by Anne Rockwell

Illustrator: Harlow Rockwell

Publisher: Simon and Schuster Publishers

Can we ever not think of the beautiful blue sea during the summer vacations? It is such a great time to initiate your little one to the wonders of the beach, sand, seashells, crabs, and the dazzling seawater. This lovely book about a girl’s day out on the beach would be perfect for your toddler’s day out. The colourful illustrations add a charming touch.

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2. Sunu-Sunu Snail: Storm In The Garden by Sandhya Rao

Illustrator: Ashok Rajagopalan

Publisher: Tulika Books

Want to teach your toddler the different nature sounds? You can start with this eye-catching picture book with its simple text and sound words. It helps your child imagine a lovely world outside his home and understand about little creatures. The story revolves around a snail who is hurrying home to his mother when there is a storm in the garden. The evocative illustrations add to the engaging story.

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3. Granny's Sari by Asha Nehemiah

Illustrator: Subir Roy

Publisher: Children’s Book Trust

This charming Indian book may be targeted at slightly older children but is great to read to your toddler as well, as it introduces him to interesting characters and gives a slice of life. Granny's favourite sari gets blown away because of the wind and she and her granddaughter Anu go looking for it. The charming illustrations depict the different people they meet on the way and how they use the sari, forms the crux of this tale.

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4. Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker

Illustrator: Tom Lichtenheld

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Is there any list of must-read books for toddlers that do not include this delightful book? This is an apt book to read when your little tyke is about to go to bed but insists on a story. The hardworking trucks and construction equipment that say goodnight to each other after a hard day’s work will raise the interest of your toddler. The artwork will keep him glued to the pages. It is also a good book to start identifying vehicles.

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5. Boris Goes Camping by Carrie Weston 

Illustrator: Tim Warnes

Publisher: Oxford Children’s Books

This summer-themed storybook for little children will get your child excited about the outdoors. The heart-warming story and breathtaking illustrations that touch upon the theme of friendship, bravery and how the main character, Boris the bear is always helping people in need, is a wonderful learning experience. All the kids would want to have a friend like Boris.

Currently unavailable

6. Let It Shine by Ashley Bryan

Illustrator: Ashley Bryan

Publisher: Scholastic Books  

This is a popular book to read during summer and is one among the series of books on various seasons. As you can guess, this one is about the hot season. The beautiful outdoor scenes depicted in this enchanting book will help your toddler expand her imagination. The soft colours that are used for the illustrations are soothing to the eye. The story is all about the summer holidays and how it is time to play.

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7. Penguin On Vacation by Salina Yoon

Illustrator: Salina Yoon

Publisher: Bloomsbury

This award-winning book is so cute that you will not be able to resist getting it for your little angel. In this story, Penguin is tired of always being in the ice and snow and decides to come to the beach for some warm fun. But he is not able to do his favourite activities like skating and skiing. What happens next? How does Penguin have fun and make a friend? Let your toddler find out.

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8. I Am Going To The Zoo by Narendra Kumar Jain

Illustrator: Alankrita Amaya

Publisher: Tulika Books

Almost all children love visiting their four-legged friends in the zoo and this lovely bilingual book (English-Hindi) takes them into the beautiful world of animals. There are lots to learn about what to find in the zoo and what the animals are doing. The book is written in simple verse and the simple, straight lines used in the illustrations look eye-catching.

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9. Little Blue Truck Leads the Way by Alice Schertle

Illustrator: Jill McElmurry

Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers

Toddlerhood is the time when little girls and boys are most inquisitive about all things around them, especially the ones that speed around on the road and go vroom! This transport-themed book, about a truck that comes to the rescue during a big traffic jam in the city, will get your toddler interested. It is a great way to introduce your child to the sights and sounds of city life.   

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10. Thumper's Summer Day by Laura Driscoll

Illustrator: Lori Tyminski

Publisher: Disney Book Group

Thumper is an adorable little bunny who goes on a lovely little adventure in the woods, discovering berry patches and having fun in a cool brook. It is a perfect summer day story and the stunning artwork will mesmerise your little one and take him to another world. Read with your toddler on a sunny morning.       

This interesting compilation of storybooks is perfect for reading to your child in the quiet confines of his room or to take along on a Sunday picnic by the beach. Either way, your toddler will be transported into the enchanted world of pictures and words.       

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