10 Awesome Apps for New Moms

Hassled by the responsibilities that come with a newborn? Don’t worry. These useful applications will help you in everything - from diaper change reminders and baby feeds to making beautiful memories

By Sahana Charan  • 9 min read

10 Awesome Apps for New Moms

You have just come home from the hospital, with your little bundle of joy, exhausted but happy and full of anticipation. While you are supposed to relax and enjoy your time as a new mother, you have a hundred things on the back of your mind -- is my baby sleeping well? Am I giving her feeds at the right intervals? Is her development on the right track?

There is no need to be apprehensive any more. Technology can solve a lot of problems and with these convenient mobile apps specially designed for new mothers, taking care of the newborn and attending to your daily chores is going to be a breeze.

1. Baby Tracker - This is one of the most popular apps for new mothers, mainly because it is an all-in-one solution for all your baby’s needs. It is also designed keeping in mind busy parents, who have to get back to work shortly after the newborn’s arrival. Your can track your baby’s feed times, sleep patterns, diaper changes with a one-tap feature and add more details later when you have the time. One of the highlights of the app is that you can share important details of the baby with the doctor as it records bowel movements based on diaper changes and also tracks development of the little one. It even adjust the growth chart fr premature babies.  

Works on iOS and Android platforms.

2. White noise baby - Babies generally need soothing and continuous looped sounds to calm down and relax. This particular application is the best solution if your baby is overly cranky and fussy. It includes around 20 different looped ambient sounds that helps in soothing the little one. It also has 10 classical music tracks that is sure to put both you and your baby in a good mood. Ambient sounds include a car ride, conch shell, vacuum cleaner sound, oscillating fan, Doppler ultrasound and so on. of the womb. The music tracks include classics from composers such as Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart. All the sounds are designed in such a way that they help baby sleep better. One of the interesting features is the baby rattle in contrast shapes that makes some fun sounds that is the perfect tool to cheer up your baby when you are out and he is throwing tantrums. Free on Android and iOS.

3. Peekaboo Babybook -- If you are one of those tech-savvy moms who love sharing milestones of your baby with your friends and loved ones, this is the right app for you. It is a useful app to track your baby’s growth and milestones in the form of pictures, and what’s more, you can store all your child’s photos and videos securely online. Peekaboo Babybook allows parents to share stored photos and videos, write a future letter to your little one and store it or create an audio diary to link with your baby’s timeline. One of the unique features is that it automatically sets each timeline based on the baby’s age. Free, works on Android.

4.The Wonder Weeks -- Are you eager to know how the mental growth of your newborn is progressing and whether or not she is making her leaps accordingly ? The Wonder Weeks app, which is based on the best-selling book, will tell you when your baby makes a leap in his mental development. The personalised chart provides you with all the dates when there is a difference or change in the baby’s mental development and gives you a notification. This way you can know exactly when your child is making a leap. The leap chart is very handy as at each leap you get information on what your baby can understand and how you can help him. It is a good way to track baby’s mental development for the first 20 months. Paid on android and iOS.

5. Kid-Capsule -- This is a similar app to the Peekaboo babybook for recording your baby’s milestones in the form of photos and videos but works on iPhone and iPad Touch. It is a modern journal that will hep you record different events in your baby’s life upto the time he goes to a preschool. There are features that help you store data in the form of a scrapbook or use as a journal. It also allows you to have beautiful layouts which makes it a fun app. One interesting feature is that it creates the profile for each family member and even sends events information to other Kid-Capsule users. Paid on iOS.

6. Baby major step - This handy app goes a long way as it not only tracks your baby’s development as soon as he is born but records growth milestones for various stages such as baby, toddler and kid upto six year’s of age. It has a diary that allows you to add pictures and notes to every stage and gives a warning list if your baby is slow to reach the development stage so that you can consult with your doctor. There’s also a forum where you can interact and share your apprehensions with other parents, while also get lot of valuable information on caring for your baby. Free on android.

7. IBreastfeed -- This is a great tool to have for new mothers who are very keen on breastfeeding but also have to get back to work early. The app gives a lot of useful information on breastfeeding and breast pumping. It gives the new mom valuable tips on breast milk storage and also keeps track of your baby’s feeding schedules. One unique feature is that it even has a location feature to find out breastfeeding or pumping friendly locations, when you are travelling! Free on iOS. 

8.Baby Monitor -- This is a very useful app for monitoring your baby on your device. You are able to see the video of your baby and hear the sounds that he makes , even while the little one is sleeping and this live video is transmitted from the baby’s room to your phone or tablet. The app also has a night light feature so that you are able to watch even when the light are put off. The best thing is it also works when you are travelling. Paid on iOS

9. Baby Songs 2 -- Tired of singing through the night to get your baby to sleep ? Here’s a solution -- if your little one loves listening to lullabies during bedtime, this is the perfect app for you. It has a sound sensor, so whenever the baby starts crying, the app will automatically trigger lullabies to quiet him down. The app also features soothing melodies and ambient sounds that lull the baby to sleep or cheer him up when he is cranky. It also has the option of 14 night lights you can choose from. Free for iOS.

10. Smart Baby Sensory Stimulation -- Many apps focus on tracking the development stages of you child. Here is one which will help you give inputs to stimulate brain development in your baby. This is a smart app that gives sensory stimulation including audio-visual stimulation. The stimulation is given according to the baby’s milestones. Paid for Android. 

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